The Pancake of Death!

csmlogoIn and effort to bring you only the finest and most unique tactical/adventure gear on the market I stumbled across this little gem! After much trolling and surfing I found a reference to something called the Pancake of Death. With my curiosity peaked by a name like that (who’s wouldn’t be!) I tracked down CSM, the manufacturer of said pancake and found it with the more benign moniker of The Circle, belying its true nature and purpose.

A few days later it arrived in my mailbox in a nondescript package further adding to its mystique. As with most deliveries I get my children were on hand peering over my shoulder and sneaking in between me and the box to get a glimpse of what treasures lie within. This time was no different and once freed from its cardboard confines the Circle was greeted by the usual “Woah!…Neat!” but their excitement rapidly diminished and1 confusion began to set in. “What is it?” asked my daughter and my son quickly echoed her sentiment with his own “What’s it do? And how are you going to use it?” I looked at the two of them and honestly replied “I don’t know…”

Now, this is the kind of review I love to do and as you will see the Pancake of Death does everything!! I love it!!

Coming in at about 6” in diameter, constructed from soft sided hookloop, divided into two halfs and woven together with 550 cord, the Circle is like nothing you have ever seen.

So whats it used for? Great question! Being made of hookloop, the Pancake can accommodate any kind of hookloop holster or accessory. With it you can mount the Circle to your webbing gear and insert a holster for your sidearm or sheath for you knife at any angle you choose!! No more being stuck with MOLLE/PALS holsters in factory determined positions!!! This great device gives you total control over positioning and is limited only by gravity and your imagination. Now, its not just relegated to weapons. I have used it to hold my radios, cellphone, Flexi-Cup…you name it and it holds it thanks to the added feature of the paracord lacing. The cordage enables it to be cinched down with the cordlock keeping it nice and tight ensuring that your gear doesn’t fall out.

2The outer hookloop is a great spot to stick your favorite morale patch or hookloop enabled pouch. The quality construction will provide you with years of use and enjoyment. If your looking for the next evolution in MOLLE/PALS gear, this it!!

Belt wear is a little odd and not something I would recommend with this product. Its made for use on a vest or pack. The Pancake wove onto my gear with ease and the straps are sturdy with quality snaps to hold them securely in place. The one I received was in the coyote brown and it fit in with the rest of my gear nicely. It’s a great addition to ones collection and really makes a positive difference when trying to customize your load out.

Now I have been carrying this thing around for almost a month and it has held up great. Its been on my belt and my pack. Getting thrown into and yanked from my truck, bouncedmadeinusaaround the back seat, drug on the ground, roughed up, insulted and otherwise maligned and has yet to show any wear at all! The hookloop has not pilled, no snags in the cordage and the trim around the edges is in perfect condition. Even after repeated patch changes to the outer panel, the hookloop has not fuzzed up. Now your mileage my vary but for me this has held up quite well. The construction is second to none and being US made is a big plus in my book…

For more information or to order your own click here…

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