Hurray for the HooRag!!

hooragSo, I get this email from a company in Florida asking if I would like to test out their product. I went to their website to see what they were all about and after reading the site and looking at their product I excitedly replied “Yes!!”

A few days later I had a HooRag in my mailbox! As I opened the envelope this black, soft piece of tactical goodness christened with a white winged skull spilled into my hands. Having viewed the instructions online prior to it arriving, I immediately knew what to do with it! With a flip and a twist the HooRag Tactical was on my noggin as a hat then suddenly around my neck as a neck gator and moments later it was up on my nose as a balaclava, concealing my identity and ready toIMAG1201 fend off the elements! My daughter said “Wow Daddy!”… my son looked at me and shouted “Cool!”… I turned to my wife and she said “you look like an idiot…” But who cares what she thinks!

The construction is substantial enough to keep the wind and chill off your face while being light enough to fold up and put in your side pocket. For my applications I found the HooRag Tactical to be quite comfortable and warm when worn as a neck gator and full or half balaclava. This unique tube of material is extremely versatile and worth taking a look at.

IMAG1195Ok, back to the story! So I take the dog outside and no sooner do I step out the door and Wham! A bone chilling wind hits me right in the face. Now, I’m no weather sissy but it was really cold and I figured it would be a great test of the freshly arrived HooRag. It was already around my neck when I went out so all I had to do was pull it up over my nose and ears. Presto, instant comfort! As the wind blew, my beagle squinted and gave a bit of a shiver but my nose was nice and toasty! Keep in mind, this isn’t just a winter thing. The HooRag is light enough to be used in the summer for keeping the sun at bay when outdoors giving you that extra bit of protection whether your hiking a trail or out on the water.

From a survival standpoint this thing is a must have for any bug-out bag. It will help make any less than ideal weather situation more bearable and with it being small enough to fit in your pocket, you can take it with you anywhere you go.

For MIL or LEO its an ideal solution for those times when you need to be less than identifiable. Again, the small storage size and light material really make it, in my opinion, the best choice for most any situation. The tactical officers use is obvious but think of this, your UC’s can keep them discreetly on themselves for those times when they need to participate in the arrest of subjects they were involved with. The applications are endless!!

The one reviewed here was their black tactical version but there are many more colors and patterns to choose from. In fact, HooRag can customize Rags with your graphics! Imagine your team outfitted with balaclavas with your unit or department logo on them…How cool is that?!

Click here for more information and to get your own HooRag Tactical…

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2 Responses to Hurray for the HooRag!!

  1. Chuck says:

    damn, the hoorag looks amazing. just based on sight alone, i might already be in love. I have so many scarfs, shema-whatevers, bandanas, etc., and I’m still searching for something better. really hope that the hoorag is what i’ve been after all this time. Thanks for posting this review. First time on your website, a very high quality shindig you’ve got going. keep up the good work sir

    • The HooRag wont let you down! I keep mine in my jackt pocket just in case I need it. Its just enough to take the chill off and keep you going.

      Thanks for the kind words! We are working on some great end of the year articles and plan on finising the truck project in a big way in the the spring! Keep reading, its gonna be awsome!

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