Hanging Out With the CSS…

css1The Combat Support System was designed by a war fighter for war fighters. Often times soldiers have limited space in their hooch to stow their gear let a lone live and function, so gear gets put wherever there’s room. Well, when the bad stuff happens it’s a race against time to get kitted up and out the door…imagine having to look for your helmet in the mad dash…in the dark!!

Here comes the Combat Support System to the rescue! Designed to be hung on a wall, support post or any other conceivable vertical surface that can take screws, the CSS will cradle you rifle, helmet and vest keeping everything organized and within easy reach. Not only that, but it glows in the dark so that you can quickly find your gear at night.

The unit is a snap to put together and can be done by anyone. When the package arrived I opened it up, took the parts out and handed them to my five year old who was bouncing up and down with excitement and anticipation because I had promised him he could help put it together. He had it assembled in under seven minuets!! Its that easy!

Once hung with the included hardware, the first thing you’ll notice after thinking “well that seemed smaller on the floor!” is the glow in the dark trim on the key points of the unit. Now let me tell you, this is no run of the mill glow strip…it glows all night long and when the lights first were first turned off I could have sworn it was lighting up the room! If you don’t believe me, ask my wife…she was less than amused by its presence in our room that first night!! I asked the inventor where he got it from and all he did was chuckle and say it was “a trade secret”!

That’s what it is…and that’s what it does…now for the big question…

How did I use it?…

wr1Well, let me tell you…Gear…we all have it…some is in our closets…some on the bedroom floor…other things are stuffed under the bed…be honest, you know I ‘m telling the truth! We all like to envision our gear organized and stored in our War Rooms, ready for action at a moments notice and until now, my War Room has been in my head…Well no longer!!

I take the Combat Support System and I head downstairs to the basement. Its light weightwr2 was greatly appreciated as I navigated the railing and doorway at the top of the stairs. As I move into my work room and soon to be War Room I begin to think about what’s gong where and how it will all look and function. I held the unit up, marked the two points where the screws were going to soon reside and Bam! Installation was done, now to dress it up.

After several trips up and several armloads down the CSS was fully utilized, my new War Room was taking shape and my wife was happy the stuff was out of her sight! It was a win all the way around. Now Keep this in mind, the CSS doesn’t just work for battle rifles and tactical gear, it can be used with hunting rifles, vests, coats, your favorite shooting hat…the list goes on and on and the usefulness of this product becomes more apparent every time you look at it.

wr3It has totally transformed my work room into a true War Room and all it needs now is a coat of paint and a biometric locking system!! The CSS is a great product that’s worth having to keep your gear straight and easily accessible.

Click here for more information and to find out how to order yours…

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