The Other 45…

coast logoOver the past few months I have been testing two LED lights from Coast and one in particular really shines! The PX45…Bringing 212 lumens, a throw of 610ft. and a rugged aluminum housing, this light really stands out.

The tail cap switch easily cycles through the high and low settings and gives a sound click for every press. Its rough texture matches the grip provided by the body giving superb traction with gloves or without and even wet.

With a twist of the front end (bezel) you can go from a close area flood light to a focused,PX45 intense spot beam that can reach out past 600ft. The beam is strong and brilliantly white and will shine for 7hrs. on high! As with Coast’s other lights, this one is absent of any dark spots. All you get is light and a lot of it! The body of the light is not too big or too small, its just right. It’s in what I like to call the “Goldilocks Zone”. You can grasp it full fisted or between your index and middle fingers with your thumb on the button. And with practice you can do it while holding a weapon. Either way, the light fits my hand and works well.

The “O” rings make the PX45 water resistant and help mitigate shock from being dropped. Which on a side note, I have done with this light more than a few times! Its durable construction ensures years of use and this light can take a lot of abuse before it fails. Its so rugged in fact, that it has replaced my Surefire as my EDC light of choice! That’s right…I would consider this light to be a Surefire killer…not only from a durability standpoint but from the next quality listed below…

A big factor for me when evaluating flashlights is the battery choice by the manufacturer. In Coast’s case, they chose to go with AAA’s instead of the 123A’s that many others go with. In my opinion it makes the Coast a much better choice for EDC’ers, Survivalists and Preppers only because of the wide availability of the batteries. You can walk into any party store and walk out with a huge frozen drink to wet your whistle and over 200 lumens light for shining zombies!

There are a lot of lights on the market and companies trying to get you to buy them. The PX45 from Coast is as tough as nails, throws a good beam, uses standard batteries and comes in at a value price!

Click here for more information and to get yours!

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