A few months ago I received some pre-production samples of ITW NEXUS’s latest product, the QASM RAMP. Now admittedly I’m easily impressed…”Oh wow! That’s really neat! What a cool…Ooh look, something shiny!!”…but this little thing is a show stealer. From by the same people that brought us the Grimloc and Flexi Cup comes the next step in modularity and cross platform gear placement.

What is it?

imageWell to put it simply, the QASM RAMP (Qramp) is a gadget that allows you to attach your rail mounted weapon accessories to your MOLLE/PALS webbing! It has four attachment points that securely hook into your webbing securing the M1913 Picatinny rail in either horizontal or vertical positions. Made from Ghillie TEX, they are tough as nails and light weight which makes for one heck of a solid attachment point for your gear. Gone are the days of fishing around in your pockets or pouches looking for your light or laser…now they are right there, securely on your chest, hip or any other spot well within easy reach.

In use…

I have one on the right shoulder strap of my Sustainment pack, one on my Gunfighter Beltimage and another attached to my vest. Once on my pack I slapped on a light, adjusted the positioning and now have lighting whenever and wherever I need it. Its great not having to dig through my gear to find a headlamp…I just reach up to my shoulder and click it on! And do know what the really nice thing is? If I find myself in a position where I need a light on my gun I have one right on my shoulder that can be easily removed and placed on my sidearm or rifle as needed! Talk about being prepared!!

Same thing with the belt, attach the Qramp with the rail horizontal and you have a great place to not only stow your pistol light but you can click it on to get some hands free lumens! The vest employment is a little different in that I use that one for my rifle sighting systems so that I can switch between scopes or lasers…because sometimes you feel like a laser and sometimes you don’t!!

The applications are endless…The rail changed the way we use our weapons making themimage more versatile…the QASM RAMP will forever change the way we use our rails, weapons and accessories, thereby having a profound impact not only on our gear but on our tactical operations themselves.

Optics, lights and cameras now can be mounted anywhere on your person to provide light, witness and ease of access. Whether you’re a professional trigger puller or adventurer, this is one product to keep you eye out for!

You can visit them this week at the SHOT Show, booth #10479

Click here for more information on ITW NEXUS and their products…

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    For sale on right now for $6.95:

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