Time to Bury the Hatchet…

IMAG1411From antler to stone to iron to steel, cutting implements have evolved over time. Materials have changed, styles have come and gone but one tool has remained the same…The Tomahawk! Originating with Native American tribes, the tomahawk has found a home in the folklore and legends of times long past when men were men and the land was wild and largely unsettled.

Often seen as an implement of war, the Tomahawk was both prized and reviled for its effectiveness in combat and could be seen hanging from many a proud warriors waist. As time went on, treaties were signed and the Westward Expansion began. In the midst of this, woodsmen and explorers began to adopt the native way of doing things and with that came the tomahawk.

Now fast forward 200+ years and SOG is equipping the trailblazers of today with a modern interpretation of that great tool. Almost unchanged in shape but made from the advanced materials of the 21st century, SOG’s Tactical Tomahawk is just as useful now as they were all those years ago.

I have always used hatchets…chopping wood, falling trees, hammering…the hatchet is the perfect tool for the camper. At least that’s what I thought until the SOG Hawk came along! A little bit larger and twice as sharp, it has become my new goto tool  for chopping, splitting and other heavy work. But here’s the twist…the hawk is also equally suited to bush craft and Tactical Applications! The  tomahawk has become a favorite tool of the troops overseas for breeching, cutting observation holes, vehicle extractions…the list goes on and on proving that it’s one of the most versatile tools you can have.

The SOG Tactical Tomahawk comes out of the box razor sharp and with a belt compatibleIMAG1414 sheath. The Hawk is inserted and removed from the bottom and the snaps hold it closed and the head in place. The steel head is securely attached to the handle and the union took repeated blows without imparting so much as a wiggle. The feel is good and the handle provides a positive grip surface that resists slippage. The only thing I added was a bit of paracord as a lanyard through the provided hole. The wright and size are just right and would compliment any kit and the various methods of attachment provide limitless carrying possibilities.

IMAG1410So I take the hawk and my son and we head outdoors to make quick work of limbs and brush that had built up and needed cutting. After a bit of chopping we noticed the pile had grown and now we needed to do something with it…In typical 5 year old fashion my son suggested “daddy, lets burn it!! Heheheee!!!” (sometimes I worry about that boy…)

This time I agreed that it was a good idea, so burn it we did…as the fire crackled my son, who had gotten into the spirit of chopping and burning things started bringing out 2×4’s from his stash in the garage to add to the mix. Like a trooper, the SOG Tomahawk split them without fail! The spike side of the hawk is well suited to chipping and picking tasks and made quick work of brick and concrete with little to no deformation of the tip and could prove useful for entry or rescue tasks.

My next thought was “what if I was stranded and this was the only cutting tool I had?”IMAG1413 Well this is where the bush craft comes in. Having a polymer handle it’s easy to grab hold of the head and use it as a cutting tool. I set to work making trap parts, spears and digging into the ground for various reasons….The SOG Tactical Tomahawk proved its worth and then some! I have found it so handy I would rather carry that than I would a pocket knife, of course I might turn a few heads walking around with it in the mall!! With that said, it has found a home in out Survival/Adventure Truck that were almost finished with.

Click here to order yours!

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