Listen, I’m going to Whisper…

Helium Whisper that is! BlueForce Gear’s new signature material that’s taking the industry by storm…and rightly so…Light weight, durable and one piece construction are all hallmarks for this new fabric.

So what is Helium Whisper?

I had pleasure of going hands on with BlueForce’s admin and dump pouches and these things are really neat. Right off the bat, the first thing I noticed was the weight…Coming in much less than the competitions gear, the pouches are really light! And that can have a profound difference on your load out. The less weight in one piece of your kit can allow you to carry more ammo, water or just lighten your load to make it easier to hump around. But the reduction in weight does not come at the price of durability. This stuff is tuff! It wont tear, stretch, or otherwise come apart! I tried pulling, twisting, scratching and tugging on the few (and I mean few) seams…all to no avail. I couldn’t get it to budge or give one bit. By the time I was done, I was tired and literally shocked by the toughness of the fabric, to be honest I was skeptical that it was as durable as they said…it has more than surpassed my expectations.

About the seams, or lack there of…where the Helium Whisper is attached to the pouch fabric there are seams, but that’s it. The entire back panel of the pouch is cut from one piece of the laminate resulting in an almost failure proof attachment system that securely and easily weaves onto your MOLLE/PALS webbing. The inherent flexibility of the material lends to easy weaving and hook loop has replaced the often failure prone snaps. I find the hook loop to be extremely user friendly and was pleasantly surprised by how effective it was at holding everything together.

Now for the pouches…

IMAG1436Two words, light (yes, again) and rugged. The designs are well thought out and the attention to detail is apparent. The admin pouch is on par with the crowd when it comes to the zippers and interior concept of organization. Where it excels is in the materials used and how they are employed. Body side, there is  a generous treatment of wide elastic straps sewn in to accommodate various gear and the front panel is separated out by one continuous run of mesh for larger items like notebooks, pens, pack of smokes…you get the idea!

The outside is treated to a large panel of soft side hook loop for the placement of patches orIMAG1437 smaller, hook looped items. The sample I tested was Multicam flavored  and matched the rest of my gear and blended in well. The same goes for the Dump Pouch. The Helium Whisper material is astounding in its resilience and ease of weave. I have never seen anything like it!

The real gem here is the drop pouch and it was what really threw me for a loop. My first impression looking at it was “What the heck?”…about the size of a pack of sticky notes with a pull tab sticking out from underneath Multicam elastic, the pouch’s full size and capacity is hidden. One good tug and POW!! Out comes this bag, yes…I mean bag, that can hold just about anything! Its huge! Now granted its main function is for collecting your mags as you reload,(of which it can hold 8 M4 mags) but this thing could be used for anything from foraging to general purpose gear portage! So much emphasis is put on the initial point of survival with little to no attention being given to extended operation, this dump pouch could make the difference between surviving and not.

IMAG1439I weaved the pouches onto my pack and carried them for over a month and they survived with style! Both pouches stayed attached after endless tossing and dragging into and out of my truck, getting climbed on by children and even used on multiple occasions as a point of contact for the above mentioned dragging!

I really like both pouches and from the EDC/Survival/Prepper standpoint, they are a must have. The Twins, as I loving call them, appear to have migrated onto my Gunfighter belt where they seem to be at home…for now!

Click here for more information on the Admin Pouch…

And click here for more info on the Dump Pouch…

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