BDS Vertical Shoulder Holster…

There are as many ways to carry a sidearm as there are handguns in today’s industry. Each has its own pros and cons and like a certain bodily orifice, everyone has an opinion on them and think that theirs doesn’t stink!

I carry all different ways…on the hip, in a pouch, on a vest, in a bag…sometimes even just in my pocket! One thing I had never tried until now was a shoulder holster. When someone says shoulder holster what’s the first thing you think of? Well the first thing that comes to my mind is Miami Vice! Crockett and Tubbs shooting across the water in a speed boat wearing sport coats with the sleeves rolled up! To me it has always seemed to be the “armed gentleman’s” way to carry and not necessarily for me. That was until the rig from BDS Tactical showed up!

There is nothing gentle about this holster! The BDS rig is designed to accommodate a wideholster1 variety of weapons with and without lights and lasers. This is accomplished via a uniquely constructed universal holster. To customize it to your sidearm all you have to do is undo the hook loop strap, open it up, place the weapon in it and wrap the holster around your gun! Very simple and very straight forward. The thing that really stands out about the holster is its ability to adapt for weapon attachments making it an excellent choice for tactical use, because sometimes you feel like a light and sometimes you don’t!!

Available in black, OD, coyote, and Multicam the MS-BDS Tactical Vertical Shoulder Holster can be ordered to match just about any gear. The one I tested was of the Multicam flavor and matched my other gear extremely well. One thing I did notice was that it blended nicely with my ATACS-FG acu. No worries of cross pattern clashing here. In fact, I doubt anyone would notice.

The webbing is comfortable with ample room for adjustments to fit a wide variety of body sizes and to fit over many styles of garments and armor….yes, fit over….this is not a concealment holster by any means. Its a straightforward “Why yes, that is a gun.” type of setup…no hiding it here.

Picture 3The straps are just wide enough without being too bulky annd the chest strap that connects the two sides together and really helps keep it from shifting. A touch of elastic is added to impart some “give” to make sitting down a little more comfortable! They have thought of everything with this set up and the usual BDS Tactical quality is there.

But now the big question, why a shoulder holster? Well let me tell you…. In working on the Tactical Survival Vehicle I started thinking about weapon employment from a vehicles interior and realized the options for pistol deployment were slim to none. You could cross draw, leave it on or in your center counsel or use a magnet mount to put it under the steering column. Then I saw the BDS setup and thought “wow, that’s it!. There’s no digging in of a waist mounted holster, no searching through a center counsel and  it won’t go flying if I hit the brakes!

When driving, the holster is out of the way, very comfortable and doesn’t interfere with the operation of a vehicle. The weapon retention is such that there’s no worry about your gun falling out when getting in and out of your truck, jeep, halftrack…you get the picture. If you carry when driving, you need one of these….

Now, I’ve used this setup for quite some time and find it to be comfortable and itPicture 2 distributes the weight from a sidearm and two mags quite evenly. One nice feature I almost forgot to mention is that at the bottom of the holster is a hook loop band that wraps around your belt to help keep your gun in place. That little extra bit of webbing makes all the difference when using the holster. The draw is smooth and easy with direct feedback from the thumb break when removing the weapon. The natural draw motion results in the indexing of your trigger finger along the holster side and then the trigger guard as the weapon comes out. The retention is fabulous and at no point did I worry about my gun falling out regardless of my body position.

This holster is an excellent choice for ATVs, hiking, camping and boating. This is my outdoors carry rig of choice.

madeinusaMade in America with a good color selection, quality materials and construction make this a rig that will last you a long time and provide years of enjoyable service!

Click here for more information and to order !yours

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