Worries? Concerns? Not Sure What to do? Head for the Coast!

TX40Sometimes the only thing more perplexing than choosing your defensive carry ammo is trying to select a flashlight that fits your needs with minimal comprise. Being successful in this quest requires sleepless nights in front of a computer, educating yourself on terminology and torch relayed units of measure. Throw in a fair amount of hand wringing and the obligatory spousal heckling and it can make for a gut wrenching experience with the sweet taste of victory reduced to nothing more than a funny smell in the air!

Let me help shed a little light on the situation. First off, don’t ask your wife for advice. She doesn’t ask you about certain hygiene products and you don’t ask her opinion about flashlights…got it?…ok, moving on…this is all you need to know…www.coast.com!

Coast is a great innovator in portable lighting technologies (flashlights) and has reallyIMAG1026 pushed the envelope of design on a lot of models. So I was looking at a good, multi use light and the guys over there suggested the TX40. With 164 lumens it more than capable at putting out a good throw of light. The all aluminum body can take a lot of abuse before showing any wear and tear. I like the fact that it uses standard AAA batteries and sometimes that can make all the difference. The light handles well and feels full in the hand without being to big. The tail cap switch provides a sharp click for each press and the rubber cover provides a nice nonslip grip. Now here’s the IMAG1495cool thing…not only does it work great as a general use torch, but when placed in the 1 inch Universal/Picatinny Rail Mount it becomes a weapon light that can mount to your rifle or shotgun!!

I attached it to my SKS and liked the results. The spot is bright and consistent without any shadows or hot spots. The offset of the mount placed the light a little lower than the line of the barrel but was still easy to turn on and off and highly effective at illuminating the target area. In my opinion, this would be a great attachment for your home defense weapon if your using a long gun.

IMAG1497That’s not all… I took the Tx40 and the rail mount and attached it to the shoulder strap of my backpack with a QSAM RAMP! They make for one heck of a combination…the mount locks down securely and now I have a light on my shoulder for those times when I need one. The rail adapter comes off with the twist of two thumb screws allowing a quick transition from shoulder to rifle in a matter of seconds!

Being on my pack has caused this light to endure more abuse than one can imagine. It has survived being thrown, yanked, smacked on door frames, tossed into truck beds (light down) and still lights every time I hit the button. Coast makes some top notch stuff at a fair price.

Click here for more information and how to order…

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