Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Adventure!

IMAG1318What is the great equalizer of any outdoor adventure? What is the one thing that can ruin any picnic, camping trip, hunting expedition or chance at going fishing?? The weather! No matter how you prepare or precautions you take, if you don’t know your current conditions and trends you could be facing disaster.

Many of us have spent enough time outdoors to know when the weather is going to shift. You can look at the sky, smell the rain and tell by the breeze what’s going on. If your not that in tune or just a little more scientific, a weather instrument may be something you would want to  consider. And when you say weather instrument, the only name that comes to mind for me is Kestrel.

Part I…

Coming in with more features and screens and settings than you can shake a stick at, theIMAG1319 Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker will more than fill your needs for an on the spot weather meter…Right out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the plastic shield over the anemometer. It doesn’t seem like much I admit, but having used similar units from different manufactures it makes a huge difference.

The controls and screens are easy to use and navigate due to an inherently intuitive design. All the main information screens can be accessed by scrolling up and down….sub screens can be accessed by moving left and right off each main screen.

The buttons report a nice solid click when pressed that’s noticeable through heavy gloves. The back light is more than adequate for seeing your readings in low to no light. Overall the construction, design, frimware and functions are exactly what you would expect from a top of the line unit such as this…But here comes the twist!

With traditional weather units you would have to leave the comfort of your tent to use the meter to see whats going on. Well not with this one! The Kestrel 4000 is accessible from your Smart Phone via Bluetooth!!! Yes, you read that correctly, Bluetooth! I’m able to get the weather data while warm and cozy in my sleeping bag. How cool is that!

The sensor response is quick with the readings being accurate. Wind measurements are fast with little to no lag time once the impeller begins to move. Various data points can be stored on the unit for review and analysis giving you the power to predict future conditions based on local patterns!

IMAG1321I have used the unit all winter to track storms, temp swings and wind chill when outside sledding or just building snow forts. Its rugged design stood up well to drops, bumps and a curious 6 year old!

Now I’ve only seen cold weather performance with the Kestrel 4000 and based on what I have seen, it’s a great resource for any outdoor adventure. With that in mind, stay tuned for Part II where it will be used on the inaugural  expedition of our Survival Vehicle this spring!

Based on my time with the 4000, it’s a must have for anyone that spends any amount of time outside. I have found it to be a huge asset and you will too!

Click here for more information and to order yours!

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