I Call Shotgun!…or Rifle!!

IMAG1525CQB is a high stakes and terrifying ordeal on the battlefield where every turn of a corner may be your last and the fighting can be down right savage. Add the confusion that combat brings with it and you have the makings of a really bad situation. Now take all that and place it into your home!

We all try to prepare for the unthinkable…social unrest, food shortages… an armed encounter with an intruder in our home… The latter is often thought of as just an act of crime by many but in reality its CQB at its worst. You may know the terrain but the risk to yourself and your family is unthinkably high. Not all of us are professional “Door Kickers” but with training and the proper tools you can face this situation with confidence. When looking at this type of scenario, there  are a few things you must keep in mind… Fail to neutralize the intruder and your family could wind up getting severely hurt…Fail to properly ID your target and you may  inadvertently injure or kill a loved one…Then there’s the worry of over penetration….For that reason alone, many people choose a shotgun as their home defense weapon of choice. Now there are a lot of differing views about using a long gun for home defense and in my opinion its generally not a good idea. But that being said when I’m asked what’s a good gun to protect your family with, my response is always the same… “The best one is the one you have in your hand at the time…”

Now, the tactical shotgun can be a good choice for home defense but its subject to a few myths…One, theIMAG1529 sound of a 12 gauge being racked is not going to make the intruder go away. Its just going to alert him that you have a weapon and it gives away your position…two, you still need to aim! That’s where the Kryptonite Center Mass Laser comes in!!

Sporting a MIL style design and 1913 rail compatible, this new laser from LaserLyte really takes aiming your shotgun or rifle to the next level. The green light produced by this unit really stands out against any background and keeps the shooter focused on the target.

The pattern projected is a center dot surrounded by a ring made up of more dots. Now this is where it gets interesting…the further away the target is, the larger the ring and the closer, the smaller…you with me? now get this…the size of the ring gives you an approximate shot patterns size at the distance the ring appears on the target! How cool is that!!! Plus, Laserlyte offers several different rail mounts you can add to your gun making it able to accept the Center Mass.

The laser can be activated by a remote pressure switch that plugs into the back of the unit and hook-loops to your rail covers in addition to a three position switch that allows you to select OFF-ON-MOMentary, giving you full control of your laser’s configuration. The design is spot on and the quality expected from LaserLyte is there.

The Center Mass gives you a fast and accurate way to aim your shotgun for close range engagements! But the action doesn’t stop there…The unit is just as comfortable on a rifle too! I mounted the laser to my Tapco emblazoned SKS and found it to be, as my son would say…Epic! With my reflex sight I was often concerned about getting tunnel vision and only focusing on the image in the glass and loosing sight of what was going on in the target area which in home defense/CQB could be disastrous. LaserLyte’s unit alleviates that, allowing you to focus on the whole scene and not just what you see in the tube.

In a rifle application, the Kryptonite Center Mass Laser’s ring not only helps you get on target faster, but it really makes leading a moving target a lot easier! Now how do I know this? Well let me tell you…a while ago I reviewed a product from Armed Response Training and produced by an officer of the name Ralph Mroz. So I take out my interactive shoot / don’t shoot disk that I use to train with on a regular basis and thought to myself….”I wonder how this would look on my projector?” Well let me tell you…The disk, my projector and an unloaded firearm make for one heck of a combination!! Throw in LaserLyte’s laser cartridge and I have the makings of a world class Shoot / Don’t Shoot Simulator!! It works great with my 9mm and this training cartridge and I thought it might with the rifle as well… So I set it all up and break out the SKS with the CenterMass Laser and found target tracking was a lot easier with the ring of light and engagement was faster with a notably lower time for getting on target!!

A word on home defense / CQB…

Keep in mind, training is a must! You can have the best gear in the world but without training and practice its all for nothing… If you live in the Detroit area there is a great company I have trained with called the Urban Tactical Defense Center. Its instructors come from LEO and MIL backgrounds and they teach a broad lineup of classes. The really unique thing they offer is a tactical walk through of your home where they will help you develop a defensive plan based on the home’s physical layout, your skill level and weapons on hand! They use their years of experience as well as role playing to make you more effective and increase your confidence in a home defense/CQB encounter.

The Center Mass Laser is a good choice for the CQB professional and home owner alike. For more information and to order yours, click here! They have a great video showing it in use…It’s a must see!

Urban Tactical Defense Center…

Armed Response Training….

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