Spooning…the Prepper Way!


logoThat’s it…Its over…The end of the world has come and all your prepping and training has paid off in spades! You made it to your bugout location with your family intact. The kids are sound asleep safely wrapped in their sleeping bags and your wife is sitting down, getting ready to take a bite of the biggest piece of “crow” she has ever seen. Realizing there’s no utensils on the table, she beings to smirk…right until you hand her your Folding Titanium Spork from Campco!! Ha-HA!

Ok, so the above is a little off the mark but as a survivalist/prepper its our calling to bespork ready for any situation. Ropes, thousand rounds of ammo, five years of dried food…all of that means nothing if you cant feed your face! How do you solve that problem without the bulk of traditional, non multi-application flatware? With the spork! But not just any spork…this one is foldable and  made from pure Titanium so its uber light and non magnetic for those times when you’ll need it to work through the minefield of your own camp cooking.

This little thing from Campco is high on the cool factor and is extremely functional. After taking it out of the packaging and marveling at it being so light weight (I know I’ve said this a few times but it’s so cool!), I gave it a courtesy wash and threw it into my pack and went off to start my day. Not long after that I found myself in need of a utensil and used it to consume that day’s lunch and many meals after that. Its highly functional and a true must have for any bag or pack. To deploy your spork you unfold the handle in an upward fashion until it clicks in place and then slide down the center thing-e to spread the wire loop a little securing it in the upright position.

IMAG1576Once open up, the spork is ready for action. Every time I hold it I’m amazed how light and strong it is. Feeling lighter than a comparable utensil in plastic, the Titanium Spork is more than capable at scraping out thick mac and cheese from the bottom of any bowl or pan and being reusable, it will save on the pocketbook over time. When paired with my Flexi Cup, I have the ultimate post apocalyptic dining set!!

The design is simplicity itself. Being made up of two halves, the handle is heavy gauge Ti wire bent into a “U” shape and tensioned into two holes on the lower half. The spoon/fork section is made from a solid piece of Ti that is pleasantly shaped and has a nice satin finish. The tines are sharp enough to grab hold of steak and the bowl is sufficient in size to comfortably eat soup. Above all that its cute and way high on the cool factor!

Click here to order yours!

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