Hind Sight is 20/20…Especially with 570 Lumens!!

The backup lights on my Silverado are less than adequate for any and all reversing situations. When the truck is in gear the dim glow barley reaches the ground let alone illuminates surrounding vehicles or persons. In a daily driver, this can be quite annoying not to mention dangerous and on a Survival Vehicle, its totally unacceptable.

To remedy the situation, I contacted my friends over at Optronics and told them of my plight. They are the same folks that make the awesome search light I mount on my roof when I need to throw a beam and see what’s going on…Anyway… they hooked me up with  a three element, 570 Lumen diffused beam work/area light for vehicle applications. I mounted it last fall and started the testing…

IMAG1581So I’ve been waiting on this review for quite some time but there’s a good reason. Our weather here in Michigan has been horrible! Now I know your asking yourselves “What difference does that make?” well, let me tell you…in an effort to bring you the best information and opinions possible I like to test the gear I write about to its limits and this light was no exception. It has withstood the rigors of winter…sleet…snow…being encased in ice…salt…and for the past several weeks constantly wet with severe temperature swings, 50deg. in the day and 30deg. at night.

The results? This is one tough light! The TLL 52 has taken an extreme amount of abuseIMAG1579 and still works. The light is rock solid and never once failed to go on. The lens is still clear and all the seals intact with no water penetration. If your in the market for a tough aux. light for your rig, look no further. To be honest, at the price point their offered I was a little skeptical it would survive the winter but I was pleasantly surprised!

The installation was very simple. Drill a hole…run some wire…install a switch…add a fuse…run some more wire and Presto! Your done!!

As for performance, the light is spot on (no pun intended). It nicely illuminates the rear of the vehicle and provides the much needed extra brightness to help you see what’s behind you. Plus, hearing people gasp at the brightness or sprint out of the way when caught in its beam is more than worth the time and cost!

You can see their product line up here….

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