Rite as Rain!


RiteintheRain_logoHow many times have you been out on an adventure and thought “Gosh, I wish I had a note pad with me…” only to console yourself by saying “oh well, it would have gotten wet and ruined anyway…” Well wish and console no longer!! Enter the Rite in the Rain 980T!

The kit, comprised of a 980T note book-all weather pen and Cordura cover, will take all980T-KIT_m the abuse you can dish out…even when wet! The paper is treated to shed water and the black tactical clicker pen can be used in all weather conditions thanks to Space Pen refill and ink specially designed to be used with the notebook.

On the inside of the front cover are unit conversion tables and map scale converter. In addition to that, there are 16 pages of tactical references ranging from unit symbols and how to draw a sector map all the way up to Medevac requests and Call for Fire orders!! How cool is that!! You can make a sketch of your favorite fishing hole and call in an artillery strike at the same time! Take that you smelly carp!!

IMAG1463The pages have  pre-printed gridlines to make drawing scale accurate maps and diagrams easier and at the bottom right is a  little line that says “Scale: 1 square = _____” It doesn’t get any better than this. The uses for the 980T notebook are endless…When I go out on adventures I like to draw unusual features I see or make maps of where I’ve been, plus you can ask my Dad, I’m always coming up with stuff for him to fabricate for me and until now my plans were always lacking a little something! With the 980T my drawings are neater, edges are straighter and now always to scale!!

The paper has a different feel to it that I picked up on right away. Just by touching a page, you can tell this is something special. Now to answer the big question…Yes, its water proof and works just as advertised!

The pen writes smooth and is comfortable to hold onto. Its not too big or too small and fits980T-KIT_3 the pen slots in the Cordura cover quite nicely. The book is easy to insert and begin using. The cover has three pen slots with a vertical pocket below them and on the back is a generous horizontal pocket that’s ideal for quick reference cards or a small first aid kit. The cover is closed on three sides with a zipper and the attention to detail really shows. The zipper is smooth and hassle free, requiring minimal effort to pull.

As for overall size…once the book is in the cover with the pen and everything zipped up, it fits nicely in your cargo/BDU/ACU pants pocket making it ready at hand for those critical moments when you need write something right away!!

The 980T is now a permanent feature on our Survival Vehicle and will be used as a Vehicle and Adventure Log Book for us to catalog things we see as well as make maps of campsites and record our travels.

madeinusaOne thing I need to mention before I forget….All Rite in The Rain products are American Made! You read that right, they are made here in the good old U S of A!

Click here to see the rig that I tested and to order yours…

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