Hey, do you smell that?


logoWe’ve all been there…sitting around with your best buds after an afternoon blasting targets on the range and a hearty meal of chili dogs when suddenly, you are overtaken by a noxious odor! You know what it is and who it came from and though it may seem like your going to die, you wont and that sensation will pass!

Now pause and for just a second…take a whiff…do you smell anything? Probably not and that’s the problem. Unlike the scene above, often times toxic chemicals and vapors produce no odors and can reach fatal levels without any indications. Now imagine being on your bug out and having to cross an area with multiple fires or industrial zones that have been leveled with unknown chemical spills…Kind’a scary huh? Well I have a solution for you and its called the Chameleon!

Made by Morphix Technologies, the Chameleon is a body warn, passiveIMAG1540 chemical detection device that allows for the identification of up to ten airborne toxins at any given time! In use with first responders to detect chemical suicides, aid in arson investigations and hazmat situations, the Chameleon is a welcome addition to any go bag. With its small size and straight forward design, this unit has the potential to save your life. The cartridges are interchangeable and easily tear open to expose the detector strip and once placed in the carrier, if a chemical agent is present, a high contrast indicator appears on the strip alerting you to the presence of something really bad. The detector cartridges are good for 24hrs from the time of opening when not exposed to agents and can be used in any environment. The all plastic construction keeps weight to a minimum and the cartridges securely lock into the carrier without fear of them falling out.

Individual refills are available as well as scenario specific pre-sorted kits such as setups for meth labs, chemical suicides, hazmat and arson. The list goes on and on and prices are such that its actually affordable to outfit yourself or your team with the units.

IMAG1618The response time is super fast allowing you vacate the area before you become overtaken or otherwise injured by what’s blowing around and the sturdy construction of the carrier and strap ensures that it will stay put through the duration of your mission and see you through to the end. The carrier is attached to the elastic armband with hook loop and can be removed to be placed on other items or garments that are hook loop compatible. I wore mine both on my ACU’s left shoulder and utilizing the wrist band and found it to hold tight through all situations. People will look at ‘ya a little funny while wearing this thing so I suggest keeping it in your bag until you need it!

The uses and applications for the Chameleon are endless. Living in modern society as we do we are painfully unaware of the hazards surrounding us. Drive through your town and look at the industrial areas. Do you know what they do there? What kinds of chemicals are in use? I can’t answer those questions and I bet you can’t either and that’s where this kind of gear comes into play. Its your and your families lives that could be at risk, shouldn’t you know what’s in the air if disaster strikes?

 Click here for more information and to order yours….

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