Low Profile – High Speed Pack from Tacprogear!

The tactical world is full of unique gadgets and equipment…Tools for “break ‘n rake”, a flashlight for every situation and bags galore! Bags, I just love bags!! The roomier the better and those with obvious advancements are where its at.

B-CGB1-2THere comes the Tacprogear Covert Go-Bag. Made from quality materials and sporting oversized zippers, Tacprogear has a winner of a sling bag on there hands. The exterior of the bag is covered in MOLLE/PALS webbing as well as a large panel on the lower right side where the shoulder strap and waist belt attach. The buckles are larger than what you would expect on a pack of this size and that extra bit makes them easier to operate when gloved. The adjustable waist belt secures via the standard slide buckle while the shoulder strap uses something special. It’s a circular attachment system that has almost 180deg. of travel and a quick release right in the center.

My daughter loves the quick release! We will be out somewhere walking and sheB-CGB1-5T starts…”daddy, my legs are so tired…” while looking at me with her big brown eyes… so I pick her up to give her a break and Thud!! no sooner is she in my arms and she’s hitting the release! She starts laughing and squirming which results in her being put down only to sprint away leaving me to grab my pack and catch up to the group!

IMAG1751Looking at it from the outside, it looks like any other sling bag on the market…but looks as they say, can be deceiving. The “Big Impresser” for me was the removable, semi-rigid, dual hook loop attachment webbing panel that resides in the main compartment! With a nice size quick access pouch on the outside and an huge main compartment this bag takes it to the next level! In packs of this size and nature, organizational features tend to be missing. Here’s you bag, here’s your gear…need a pen? go fish!! Not so with the Covert Go-Bag, the webbing allows you to customize your bag based on your needs and mission goals! I love it!!

So I grabbed my Blueforce admin pouch because its nice slim, sidewinder compact light, chemlights, insert from bulletblocker, pocket knife and the various other tools of the EDC Journalist Trade and headed outdoors.

The Covert-Go Bag rides really nice. Even overloaded, the bag sits in place with minimal lateral movement, but without the waist belt in place it tends to swing around to your front if you bend over. Comfort is top notch with the air mesh padding on the back and shoulder strap and when the belt is used, it feels rock solid.

Accessing your gear couldn’t be easier…a quick flick and the pack is on your chest with theIMAG1750 interior webbing panel in the horizontal position with your pouches ready and good to go. Under the outer webbing section is a medium sized zippered compartment that’s further sub-divided and is nice for small things like batteries, Flexi cups and survival straws…

Now the one thing I have failed to mention thus far is that there is a large, soft velcro backed compartment with two concealed openings sealed by zippers that when coupled with the included holster makes for one heck of a concealed carry rig!

I tested the functionality of drawing from the Covert – Go Bag with my simulator downstairs and found it to be a little challenging at first. The main challenge was the zipper securing the opening but with a little practice I worked past that and was drawing like a pro! The draw is same as if you were pulling from a horizontal- behind the back style rig  Re-holstering is a breeze and the gun is secure and easy to get to if the need were to arise.


Click here for more information and to order yours…

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2 Responses to Low Profile – High Speed Pack from Tacprogear!

  1. Solomon says:

    could you post a few pics of the bag? tacpro makes it interesting and your article stokes the fire but i have yet to see pics of its interior, a good look at the CCW pocket etc…thanks.

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