This pouch from Explosive Ops Gear is the Bomb!


eoglogoPouches! I love pouches almost as much as I do bags…When a new company pops up offer innovative products with unique designs I get as giddy as a school girl listening to a new boy band!

Enter Explosive Ops Gear with their SOF Hook and Line Pouch! Now, I’m not EOD even though I like to think I am when it comes to the 4th of July!…Mmm, the smell of gunpowder and colored smoke!…but I digress… The SOF HLP is a great addition to any kit and packs a ton of features that not only make it a winner in the EOD arena but in many other applications as well.

The SOF HLP has a spacious main compartment that can be drawn shut with the simpleIMAG0017 slide of a cord lock. This helps keep stuff in and garbage out. On either side of the main compartment are two smaller hook loop closed pockets that are large enough for chemlights, multitools, paracord….the list goes on and on. Right in front of the main compartment, making up the front face of the SOF HLP is another hook loop closed pocket that spans the entire height and width of the pouch and is large enough to accommodate a smartphone.

IMAG0037So I weave the SOF HLP onto my chest rig from HSGI nestled between my Agilite Advanced mag pouch and my Condor gear pouch. The positioning is ideal and it made itself quite at home holding my phone, two bobbers, paracord stringer, multi tool and first aid kit. With this setup I have put more than one meal on the table and was able to manage two children under 8 with their poles and tackle, which is quite a feat considering my son is the master of “Hey, how did my line get this knot?” and my daughter is always needing a new worm!!

Now here is the real gem…once loaded out, I can, if need arises remove it from my rigIMAG0038 without un-weaving it! How is that you ask? Well, the SOF HLP rides on a hook – loop MOLLE carrier that weaves onto your gear and has an adjustable vertical retention strap! Once in place you can remove and reattach the pouch at will. It allows you to pass your gear to your pals, move it to a different piece of kit or just grab it shove it in your cargo pocket. favorite…attach it to the shoulder pockets on your ACU!!

IMAG0043Having transitioned from a full size tackle box to the chest rig has really helped to organize my gear and made it much more user friendly. Now taking the minimalist approach, I put my really core stuff in the SOF HLP. This is because of the easy removability from its carrier and it allows me to ditch my rig and throw just the essentials in my pocket and go. Matched up with a small pack rod and you have a fishing kit that’s small and stores anywhere!

Now my example centered around fishing but its applications are endless. It would make an awesome E&E pouch or survival kit. There’s enough room in there for a trauma kit, survival straw, knife and fire starter. I really like the Hook and Line Pouch from Explosive Ops Gear and think it’s a great pouch with a lot of cross use applications. This is something that’s worth taking a look at.

For ordering information and to see some of their other offerings, click here.

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