A chop off the ol’e block!


In my opinion, there has never been a tool more versatile or important to hikers,IMAG0070 woodsmen and survivalists as the tomahawk. You can build a shelter, procure food, defend yourself, start a fire…the list can go on and on…Plus, with just about everybody and brother making them, it can be hard to decided on a good piece that will fill your needs and last a long time.

CRKT has thrown their hat into the ring with two hawks designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical fame…the Kangee and Chogan. I have had the pleasure of testing the Kangee and have found it to be true to the spirit of the tomahawk. Weighing in at just over a pound and a little more than 13 inches long, the Kangee is more than able to take care of business and will do everything you ask of it.

Built from one piece of SK5 Carbon steel, it really knows how to take IMAG0074an edge and the G10 grips are nicely textured to provide a secure purchase wet or dry. Plus, being screwed on, the grips are removable when the hawk needs a thorough cleaning. Three distinct hand holds are possible…at the bottom for a maximum power stroke, in the middle to give equal power and control and finally choked up at the top for fine control.

The Kangee shipped razor sharp and was put to work right away. Here at HQ we enjoy a good evening fire and there was a small pile of wood that needed chopping. Off to work I went…The softer woods didn’t resist the blade at all while the harder woods put up a bit of a fight but it proved futile! The wood was split and the fire commenced. You know, there’s something soothing about sitting around a flickering fire and watching the light dance off the faces of those around you! Now, when your finished with your hawk you can return it to its custom sheath that is MOLLE compatible.

Now splitting wood is but one chore of the woodsman and is followed by many more. Small trees (4”dia.) provided little challenge to the Kangee and most fell in only a handful of chops and even smaller saplings often went down in one hit. Area Clearing, Resource Procurement and Shelter Building? Check, Check and Check!

Once the front blade’s utility was verified I moved on to the spike…Ohh! I just got theIMAG0072 shivers! The backside of the hawk sports one of the nastiest looking implements of destruction I have seen in a long time. So whats it good for you ask? Well the spike can be used for grabbing wood, chipping out shoot holes in sniper hides, putting holes in oil drums, relieving tires of their pressure, opening stubborn car doors and trunks!! I decided to take on a burning drum made from an old oil barrel…The steel was in good condition except for the fact that it needed a few more holes for ventilation. POW! new hole…The spike was just as sharp coming out of the metal as it was going in…I love that spike!

Cooking with it is a breeze and the hawk is just as comfortable chopping and cutting in the camp kitchen as it is felling trees and clearing brush. I cant wait to see how it does this fall for deer season!

The beard on the Kangee is nice and sharp as well and works as a shroud cutter and CQB Come-A-Long for some unfortunate soul. Now, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the one twist this sweet little hawk throws out…The top of the head is sharpened too!! This is an excellent edge for slashing and push type cuts which could prove to be a life saver.

This is one unique and useful tool and I feel fully confident in putting my life in the hands of the Kangee Tomahawk. The pack ability is spot on with its weight & size and construction is rock solid. With one of these in your hand, you will be the master of all you survey! The hawk has found its way into the Survival Truck and is there to stay!

For more information and to order, click here….

For more information and to order, click here….

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