INFORCE’s New Auto Pistol Light!


inforce-logoBanking on their success with the WML rifle light, INFORCE has developed the Auto Pistol Light for handgun applications. Bringing all the ergonomics and shanzzy styling of the WML to the APL has resulted in one heck of a cool light.

This is one of the most innovative pistol lights I have ever seen. The light is mounted to theIMAG0076 rails by a unique clamping method that securely mates the light to the gun providing a rock solid union. No rattle, jiggle or shake here (quite the opposite of my ex!)…just a stable connection to light the target area.

Now I have espoused the benefits of having a lights on your firearms before and its worth discussing again. The primary and most important use from the home defense perspective is target identification so that you can tell the difference between someone who has broken into your home bent on looking for trouble and a family member just looking for ham ‘sammich’!  Of course, there are other uses too such as room clearance, subject control and movement.

IMAG0085The APL has a rugged build and shares the same material construction as the famous WML. The heavy lens resists impacts and scratches and twits off allowing for the replacement of the 123A battery.

The paddle switches on the rear are ambidextrous and ergonomically placed. WhenIMAG0084 mounted to my Ruger P95 the switches are right at my trigger finger tip when at the ready. The switch functions are really unique. Press-hold-release for momentary illumination and press-release either side for constant on and off.

Now for the mounting method. If you thought the physical design and paddle switches were innovative. IMAG0083wait till you get a look at the mounting system. I’m using the word system because unlike other lights that use screws or spring loaded levers of some kind, the APL uses a lever and cam mechanism to lock the light to the rail. To mount the light you lift the lever, line up the light on the rail and lower the lever. There is a satisfying bump as the clamps move into place and your light is on rock solid! That’s all there is to it!

As for the beam, its spot on, no pun intended! With 200 lumens of of pure darkness cutting power, your gonna’ see what your shooting at. The central spot is bright with no dark areas and provides an even illumination on the immediate target area. The wider spot is bright enough to provide additional awareness of the expanded target area giving you a good picture of what’s going on. From my testing, the APL lights up an entire room with primary focus on your sight picture. Outdoor performance was just as good as it  illuminated the surrounding area quite nicely making it easy to spot accomplices or potential weapons and cover near the primary target.

In my opinion, the APL is one of, if not the most advanced pistol lights on the market today. From styling to function, you can see that a lot of thought and work went into this device to help you dominate the darkness.

For more information on the APL or to order one, click here…

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