Pack up for trouble with your new kit bag and smile! smile! smile!

fullThe Doughboys knew it…the G.I.’s Knew it…Heck, even Killroy was there at one time or another! If your conducting operations or simply going on an adventure, you need a good pack. The great folks over at TacProGear have come up with just that. They call it the Spec-Ops Assault Pack. I call it nothing short of miraculous!

I have used this pack for camping and EDC and found it to be awesome! The constructions is tops with the zippers and buckles performing flawlessly time and time again. The main compartment is roomy and open with a hydration bladder pocket with a pass through placed top center. On the inside, there is a large internal zipper pocket on the backside of the main flap running vertically.The hydration pocket can serve double duty in that its large enough for my netbook and nestles it quite nicely.

The zippers are covered by a generously cut flap that keeps out water and dirt and roll back making it easier for the zippers to do their thing. The pulls are large and a breeze to use and find with gloves on. Plus, being made of paracord and a plastic block, they are absolutely silent.

Mission dependent, you have a lot of internal space to work with and I have used it several times for long weekend getaways. There’s room for plenty of clothes and gear and if you run out of space, there are two huge pockets on the outside that are more than necessary to accommodate any extras or quick access items you might be bringing along.

So I packed up, geared up and headed out to Mt. Pleasant for a weekend of gambling, fishing and camping. The pack was full to the max and I had fully utilizedDSC_0130 to two external pockets and had yet to include my Mountain Serape….What was I going to do?…Well, here’s what I did. The Assault Pack has two buckle/strap combinations on either side of the bag. At first look I figured they could be used for compressing the load and helping hold it all in but on further examination I realized their full potential in securing gear…I rolled my Serape, secured one side under the straps…bent it over the top of the pack and secured it on the other side…Presto!! I had added my Mountain Serape to my kit!! This is a great solution for blankets, ponchos, mats and rope and even with the Serape attached, I could still access all the contents of my pack.

DSC_0157When fully loaded, the pack rode nicely and the glaring absence of straps digging into my shoulders is a testament to the design and execution of said design. The comfort was a welcome surprise and really kept in step with the quality construction and effective utility of the bag. The spacious main compartment was able to accommodate two  pairs of jeans, one pair of ACU pants (ATACSFG), three shirts, socks and other unmentionables! Throw in a water filter, COMMS, laptop, tomahawk and various gadgets and chargers and your looking at a load out that rivals even the most prepared.

When humping the Spec-Ops pack its not only comfortable but easy to maneuver through crowds and stores or trees and brush. The profile is such that snags and bumps are minimized and the two external pouches on the rear of the pack vs. the sides really help to cut down on hang-ups while still keeping rapid access gear handy.

DSC_0130Now, running down the center line between the two external pockets is a strip of looped webbing. This would make  a great mounting point for some paracord,Grimlocks and anything with a lanyard. There are two non parallel rows of the same webbing on the bottom that could be used for attaching a full size sleeping bag or hanging wet boots or even a frying pan!

All in all, this a great bag for the money and has stood up to a lot. I have been using it an EDC role and it performed beyond my expectations. I’m rough on my bags… yanking them out of trucks… drug across dirt and gravel and being tossed around in truck beds is just the beginning…this pack has withstood some of the most abuse I have ever dished out and aside from some dirt and stains, it looks as good as the day it arrived. Did I mention the grab handle at the top? Its super wide and super tough! The size of it fills your hand, helping to distribute the weight and the heavy duty stitching makes sure that wherever the handle goes, the bag follows!

The TacProGear Spec-Ops Assault pack would make a good choice for camping, hiking, hunting and EDC for those of us that carry just a little too much!


For more information and to see some of the other products in the TacProGear line up, click here…

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