Got an Axe to Grind?

IMAG0150In the course of doing this blog I have gotten to test some pretty wicked stuff but so far nothing compares to the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk! This thing is a beast! Its one piece construction and unique features makes for a serious bit of kit designed to demolish anything in its path. Nothing is a match for this axe…nothing…Its designed to effect entry through locked doors, sealed windows and if necessary the walls themselves.

The first thing that will strike you, every pun intended!, is the the hand sized and shaped cutout at the top of the axe head. This cutout provides the necessary grip to properly use the pry-bar/nail puller at the other end of the DRT. The blade shape is such that it wedges its way in and splits whatever it hits. It takes an edge really well and can dole out a beating! This became evident when I was breaking down a pallet. Have you ever tried to rip up a pallet? Its never easy…their made of hard wood, have huge nails and are made to take a beating.

So I start going at this thing fully knowing that there’s no one tool that will get the job done…You need a pry-bar and hammer or you can just take the cheater method and cut it up with a saw. Well I had a manly tool and a manly task both at hand and callingIMAG0154 my name! Wack! the first board splintered 2/3ds of its length and came off the nails…Wack! the second board split the same…feeling a bit of my moxie I went after the third board a little too rambunctious…Wack! Ping! The third board split like the others and splinters went flying followed by a ping! The axe had cut so quickly through the hard wood board that the blade went straight down to the driveway…A bit of panic set in and I began to chastise myself for inflicting needless damage to a perfectly good blade. As I withdrew the DRT from the wood and inspected the head I found not one bit of a knick, flat spot or dent! In fact the DRT had taken a chunk out of my driveway!

This is one heck of a tool!!

Now I flipped the DRT around and went after the huge nails sticking out of this new pile of wooden carnage that was once a cargo pallet. The wrecking bar end dug right in pried those suckers out! Never once did it bend, twist or otherwise fail to exceed my expectations. The tapper on the pry end lends itself to easy wedging and prying making quick work of any job at hand.

On the flip-side of the blade is a welded on hammer that just adds to the functionality. The hammer is just as durable as the rest of the tomahawk and generates an extreme amount of impact force from the length of the swing and weight behind it. Did I mention that the entire DRT is constructed from one piece of steel? The G10 grips provide a very secure, non-slip gripping surface and are bolted to the handle.

IMAG0160After the pallet teardown I turned my attention to a section of a hollow core door that I had held onto for just such an occasion. The door went the way of the pallet!! All that was left was splinters and some hardware.

I have saved the best for last…Gerber has thought of everything with the Downrange Tomahawk all the way down to the carry system. Yes, I said system…The DRT comes with a MOLLE compatible method of carry. The device is made from a heavy duty rubber strap that runs vertically behind the axe handle from just below the head with a patch of ballistic nylon with the MOLLE straps all the way down to a kydex sheath for the pry head also attached to ballistic nylon with MOLLE straps. Once secured to your pack, vest or other load bearing gear you can insert the DRT, fasten the retaining snaps and your off!

The head is shielded by a stand alone kydex cover that protects the axe head while allowing access to the grip handle and the hammer head via cutouts. There isn’t anything about this tool that’s not innovative or revolutionary. Gerber has outdone themselves with this one and the Downrange Tomahawk is a tool that would make any Berserker proud while jumping off the prow of their Viking raider!

For more information and to order yours click here….

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