Ho! Ho!…Oh yeah!

laserlogoI like to train…wait, scratch that…I LOVE to train! The more I train the happier I am, but time and funds are always at a premium which tend to limit my range time. To that end I have featured several products on this blog that have really amped up my dryfire routine and transformed it into something truly useful. But none were quite as fun as this one!

LASER PLINKING CANS! Its even fun to say!! Laser Plinking Cans, there it is again!, are one of the latest in training offerings from LaserLyte. In the package you will find three, count ‘em, three juice can size…well…cans! Insert the included 9v’s, turn them on, depress the plungers and get ready for some rip roaring laser plinking action! FYI..You need to have a laser training cartridge or barrel insert for these to work and those are available on LaserLyte’s site

I set the cans up in my basement and started blasting away…This is a lot of fun and reminds me of how I, like I asume most of us, learned to shoot. By popping cans off an old fence on my grandmas farm. I was just a kid when my Dad took me out back and showed me the in’s and out’s of his old bolt action .22cal. The smell of  burnt powder and the crack of the shot going off, I was hooked.

Now I’m the kind’a guy that has to take things to the extreme and always push it a little farther. Ask anyone who’s been on the receiving end of my wit! Socan1 after much horsing around and behind the back shots I realized there was more to this than just plinking…Can you say multiple target engagement? Taking the cans off the same plane at the 12 o’clock and placing them at the 12, 2 and 6 respectively really gave a good workout on target re-acquisition. Throw in some jumping jacks and burpies to get the heart going and you have a great stress effected training session with direct feedback!

The possibilities are endless…speed drawing…set them three deep for multiple shots at the “same” target until it goes finally goes down… and then there are the friendly competitions! My Mom even got in on the action!

So how do they work? Really well actually! The cans have a sensor in an oval window that detects the laser strike. Once it is received, the internal mechanism releases the spring loaded plunger and “Pow!” the can falls over. Being weighted down by the nine volt battery, they wont roll across the table and hit the floor. Once tipped over, they display a pleasant little side to side rocking motion! When your ready, all you have to do is stand ‘em back up…the plunger depresses and the can resets…that’s it!

Training cartridges are available in several different hand gun / long gun calibers and there is even a universal device that fits into your barrel and listens for the “click” of the firing pin. They will never replace Grandmas fence on a cool summer day but it’s a close second! These would make an excellent gift for the shooter on your Christmas list. Not only are they fun to shoot at but they help build skills and habits that may one day save their life.


Click here to order yours!

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2 Responses to Ho! Ho!…Oh yeah!

  1. Jim says:

    Or you can buy an actual firearm training system and get the OCAT System.

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