Home on the Range…

logoWhen I get new products to review I try to do so in a timely fashion but every now and then something comes along that cant be fully tested in a few months and then written about. This product from TYR Tactical is one such item. I have used it for almost a year in every possible way from fishing to hiking to working around the house and found it to be tops.

 Enter the TYR Tactical Gunfighter Belt!

Boy, is this thing is cool…designed to carry your sidearm and a slew of MOLLE/PALS pouches, the belt really adds versatility to your mission configurations. The pouch and gear options are endless and I found it easy to kit out! The Gunfighter is well made with two rows of webbing and removable hook loop secured padding. The cobra buckle is nothing short of amazing. It opens and closes with ease but will not open under load, which is a nice thing considering the Gunfighter pulls double duty as a riggers belt and can save your butt from falling out of your tree stand or into a raging river from your favorite cliff side fishing spot!

Functionally, its all there…The two rows of webbing are more than adequate to hold your accessories andbelt1 pouches in an organized and secure manner. The construction and finish is spot on and holds true to the quality craftsmanship that TYR Tactical is known for. After all my abuse, not a single popped stitch and the hook loop for the padding is still as good as new. Top of the line materials make up the construction and the design has been well thought out. I found the Gunfighter Belt to be comfortable to wear and easy to customize. From a tactical perspective you can setup it up for a specific load out and throw it in your cruiser’s trunk…Grab it when you need it and be mission ready in a single click!

cobraFishing and Hiking provided an opportunity to test the feasibility of a heavy kit being put directly on the hips…It worked great! The removable padding helped to ease the load and its air mesh construction substantially reduced chaffing and sweating. The big attractor was that the belt and gear was able to be worn over heavy coats and jackets! So how did it work? Like a charm! Having all my necessary gear around my waist was a lot more comfortable and accessible than I thought it would be. Everything was right where I needed it and within reach. 


Now, I’ve told you about how it works…how its constructed…and how it performed…now let me tell you how it “Feels”. Don’t pretend to act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Think back to when you first tried on the tac gloves with knuckle protectors…the fit was good, materials were comfortable and they breathed well but how did they “Feel”? You know how it was, you felt unstoppable! You felt as if you could halt the rotation of the earth and pound your enemies into submission!!! Well here’s my take on the Gunfighter Belt…

So I take the belt out of the bag, adjust it and put it on…Hmm…ok, it’s a belt. I go to the back of the house and kit it out…on goes a BDS admin pouch, dump pouch, the Pancake of Death, a SOG Tomahawk and a holster with my P95…It looked good laying there on the bed and had a bit more weight to it than I expected but I put it on anyway…



Somewhere in a deserted western town the saloon’s doors slammed open, a coyote howled an eagle took to the sky because a Gunfighter had just been born!! All I needed was a hat and some boots ‘cause my two kids and the ex were in the other room providing “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”! I’ll let you guess who’s who!! It was great! My gear was secure and easy to get too and the weight rested on my hips in a good way. The ample padding mitigated any shocks and bumps making for a nice and comfortable wear.

All kidding aside, this is one sweet addition to any tactical tool kit. It expands your options of load carriage and helps to improve your operational performance on any mission you take.


Click here for more information and to get yours!

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One Response to Home on the Range…

  1. Great write up on the belt! These should be a part of everyone’s daily setup.

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