Range Day!

petersEarlier in the week my father, uncle, cousin and I went to our favorite local range. It had been predetermined at our Christmas party that a guys night out with gratuitous gunfire followed by a very unhealthy yet satisfying meal was required! After much wrangling of schedules and a plethora of text messages it was decided Tuesday night up at Peters Indoor Gun Range.

My father and I assembled our arsenals and ammo, holstered up and headed out the door.

We walked into Peters and were welcomed by sounds of gunfire on the lanes and a friendly hello from the guy behind the counter. My uncle arrived and the three of us began shooting the breeze until my cousin showed. We had to shoot something, we were at the range after all! After paying the range fees, which are quite reasonable there, and buying some target ammo we went out and picked our lanes. I was first on the line and ready to go…BAM! BAM!! BAM!!! My P95 roared into action and readily devoured the new Liberty Ammunition +P rounds I had just gotten for it.

This was my first time using +P ammunition and I was really blown away! Of course there’s always that bit of hesitation knowing that your running high pressure ammo and turning your pistol into a hand cannon but I was really surprised by the performance. Not only were these rounds more powerful but they were lighter because they were lead free. The reduction in weight not only made carrying more comfortable but I found my gun to be more controllable making my follow up shots or double taps more accurate! In fact,my Ruger ran like a top and the report was so loud I found myself surrounded by the trio trying to figure out who was shooting the “Big Gun”!

After the initial “Shock and Awe” wore off I dropped into training mode and gave my gun and the new rounds a work out.

The night was really a lot of fun and everyone got to try each others guns. My uncle had a sharp .22 target pistol that was spot on and a breeze to keep on target shot after shot. It had a detachable laser that was…well…detached due to a lack of batteries! I can only imagine how well it works with the laser on! 

My cousin brought a few of his guns to shoot and share but the high point was when he produced our grandfather’s .451911 that the family’s patriarch used while in the Pacific. The old gun showed its age with all the grace and class you would expect of an old warrior. The wooden grips pressed into my skin as I sighted down the slide. I squeezed the trigger and she jumped to life…Through the muzzle flash and smoke I could almost make out the shapes, shadows and dangers of the South Pacific Jungles and her tunnels.  For a moment, just a moment, there was connection that spanned time and death and it felt as if he was there with us, smiling in approval… Another piece of the puzzle that is my grandfather as a young man at war was on the table but we were still no closer to putting it all together. The man epitomized the “Quiet Professional” about his time in the service and made it seem dull and mundane even though his photographs, official papers and medals would suggest otherwise.

coneyAfter much throwing of lead and rending of paper targets our range time expired and we regrouped at the nearest National Coney Island to debrief. Rehashing our range time, we talked of things of men till our testosterone levels were restored and decided it was time to part ways! A great night was had by all and I look forward to doing it again.

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