Blinded by the Light!

SLEHTQTBXJO543JEINV060What do you get when you cross a state of the art Coast Portland flashlight with a badger? You get the HP7R, a light that never says die!! The light ships.more as a kit than it does a single product. In the box are two rechargeable Li batteries, a AAA battery pack, USB wall wart, belt clip and a vehicle/wall mounting clip!!

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff!! I was shocked to see what all was in the box…coast has been a long running leader and innovator in the realm of lighting technologies and thieving cements that spot in my opinion. I’ve been using the HP7R as an EDC light for quite some time and have logged a few charges in on the batteries.

So where to start….

The construction is rock solid with a recessed clicker switch at the rear. Every button press is rewarded with a discernable “CLICK” letting you know that it’s been pressed as you cycle through its modes and it’s nonslip rubber cap keeps water and debris out.

At the opposite end is Coast’s signature lens and easy to use focusing technology. The lights that Coast make are awesome…not only do they throw brilliantDSC_0512 spots and smooth floods, but they are rugged lights that can take a lot of abuse!

It’s been dropped, kicked, tossed, stepped on, covered in snow, frozen over night… If you could imagine it, it’s happened, and this light just keeps on going! It’s been part of my EDC for several months and found a permanent home in my Tactical tailor shoulder bag. The light and spare rechargeable battery take up little room and add little to no weight. The runtime is as advertised with really fast recharging from any USB based outlet.

DSC_0511Aside from the two batteries, AAA battery adapter and various charging hardware the really cool items in the box are the belt clip and wall/car mount. They are made from impact resistant polymer and ready to wear or mount. Plus the light clamp on both rotate putting the light at any angle you could want!

Soo, what’s got me glowing about this flashlight?

Is it the single handed focusing of the beam?

Could it be the sliding metal ring on the tailcap that protects the micro USB charging port?

What about the charge indicator light or the fact that you can charge the batteries outside of the torch?

All of these are great features that make for spectacular piece of equipment but what’s really the bright spot here is the strobe. All tactical lights strobe. It’s a great way to get attention, signal and distract our dazzle an aggressor. Some flash fast and some slow… But this one does both!


DSC_0510You get the idea! What a great feature! Now my testing methods are anything but scientific and typically involve a heavy application of the empirical process… The study group was comprised of friends and coworkers and testing was done in a “surprise” manner. This method allowed me to obtain genuine reactions and all exposures were followed by the obligatory “was that bright or what!?” statement and observations were made of the subjects verbal and physical response. Responses ranged from “oh yeah!” to phrases I would rather not repeat!! But most participants had the same reaction to the strobe… Hands covering closed eyes, walking stopped and 80% were generally irritated by it. The strobe is an effective attention getter and stuns subjects extremely well. in a defensive situation it would be more than effective in helping you get away from an attacker and an offensive application would definitely aid in subduing a subject.

All in all, the Coast HP7R is a great light that can take an immense amount of abuse an keeps on going. If your in the market for a light for your pack or pocket, look no further.

Click here for more information or to order yours…

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