Happy Easter, Here’s Your Holster!

logoI love old western movies… The boots, the hats and of course the flashy vests. And fringe!! Oh dear God, the fringe!! Ha, not really! but the one thing that does come to mind though, are the holsters… You never see an the waist band holsters or shoulder rigs. Why is that? Because those were reserved for city slickers, that’s why!

So, what did the rough ‘n tough gunslingers of old’e use. Most, if not all, had a low riding leather setup that was more akin to today’s thigh rigs than anything else. They were functional holsters designed to be used while mounted or walking about townDSC_0647 at high noon. Your gun was kept within arms reach. Just grip and pull…no lifting your shirt or opening your coat. Your gun was right at your finger tips, quite literally!!

Now as time passed advances in materials and design resulted in the holster evolving from its romantic six shooter cradling past into the rugged tactical thigh holsters of today that hold the latest in semi auto pistols sporting lights, lasers and everything in between!

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Universal Dropleg Holster from TACPROGEAR and I like it. As with all of the quadthighdrawgear from TACPRO, the stitching is spot on and quality materials are used throughout. It’s fully adjustable for leg size and the amount of drop you want and accommodates a wide variety of handguns. It’s obvious the care and thought that went into the overall design of this rig and you are truly going to get your money’s worth!

Now, outside of military and law enforcement there’s not a big demand for thigh rigs…or so you think!

I’ve worn the rig while on my quad, in my boat fishing and it makes perfect sense to use when wearing heavy coats or LVB/chest rigs. When do I wear a chst rig you ask? Click hear to read about my HSG chest rig pulling fishing duty! The drop leg setup provided quick and easy access to my weapon yet kept it secured to my leg.  Not once was I afraid it was going to fall out our be lost in some way. The leg straps were as comfortable as they were secure and the entire thing moved with my body.

quadthighBut how was the draw? Smooth as butter! Once on and adjusted, my sidearm was directly in position with my hand resting at my side. The draw is literally grab and pull! You could spend hours tweaking the leg fit and drop length but don’t… Put it where it feels right and run with it!

This is one of my favorite all around carry setups. Its comfortable, practical and a really useful rig. Now, your not going to win any fashion contests with it and you should pick your audience wisely. Back woods ATV riding, farm work, hiking… sure… walking into your local Wallmart to pick up a gallon of milk? Probably not a really good idea!!


For more information and to order yours, click here!

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