Well That Hit the Spot!

DSC_1665Much to the chagrin of my ex-wife, the rumors of my demise have been highly exaggerated! I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from the blog to regroup and get some much needed down time and perspective on life. In doing so I have learned much about myself and my new world, who my friends are and that the Friend of the Court is really no ones friend…they don’t even like each other!


With that said, I was also afforded the time to gear test….and boy, did I ever! So first up is a new product from LaserLyte, the SCV4. Now I know that there are a lot of  pistol lasers on the market but this one steals the show. Designed for ease of use, smooth drawing and reholstering and reduces printing for concealed carry

Now don’t let it diminutive size fool you. This is a full feature device with ambidextrous controls. Its user interface is simple. There are two buttons, push oneDSC_1669 and it turns on push again and it blinks, hold and it turns off…see? Simple…


DSC_1667Zeroing was just as easy. I used the enclosed allen wrench and brought the dot in line with my sights on a target at distance and presto! Done! I took the laser off, shook it vigorously and dropped it on the floor a few times! After reattaching and tightening it back onto my pistol I turned it on….Bingo Bango! the laser and the sights still lined up!! Now for Peter’s Indoor Gun Range!!!


Again, the Four Fellows of Tom Foolery  (myself, father, uncle and cousin) met up at the range for another dose of gunfire and chilli dogs. I had taken the laser off and tossed it into my range bag so a bit of digging was necessary before I could partake of the gratuitous gunfire erupting around me. Attaching the laser I once again verified the sight/light alignment and proceeded to lock and load! It kinda went like this….


DSC_0730Dot!….BANG!…Hole….Dot!….BANG!….Hole….Dot!….BANG!…Hole…You get the idea.


After several rounds I was beginning to feel like a deranged cat going ballistic (ha!) after a red laser dot!! I decided toDSC_0734 speed things up a bit and the accuracy and resiliency of this little unit was amazing! Even in rapid fire aiming was easy shot after shot. One thing I did notice was that after ten rounds there would only be 5 to 6 holes on paper, this meant that rounds were going through holes from previous shots! Now that’s the Bomb’digity!!

The laser withstood repeat recoil from my Liberty Ammunition +P loads with no perceivable drift from alignment. Those are some hot loads and I absolutely love their performance. The gun thundered, the action cycled and that little laser just kept on going!

As I mentioned above, with its diminutive size and smoothed out edges the SCV4 from LaseLyte makes a great choice for the concealed carry crowed or armed professional looking for just a little more in the shot placement department.


For more information or to order yours, click here……

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