Do All And Then Some!!

csmMainTopAs I sit at our camp site in the Port Huron KOA I’m surrounded by the sights and sounds of campers enjoying the closing days of summer trying to draw out that last bit of sweet marrow from the bones of time. My son has picked up the hobby of “suction-cup archery” and my little girl is running around with her pink, light up miners hat on! Both getting the most from their new toys and having a blast.

Its human nature to try and get the most out of everything. Be it the way the Native AmericansDSC_1738 wasted nothing from a kill to convincing your wife that “why yes, my new tac boots will go great with these slacks for dinner with your mother tonight. In fact they might remind her of the boots she used to wear!”    So its in that sprit that I write this review….

I’ve had this pouch from CSM for quite some time. Its gone from pack to battle belt to now resting on my fishing chest rig. I first heard of CSM with the Pancake of Death and really have admired their designs, attention to detail and spirit of innovation. The pouch I have is their Double Mag pouch that fits your modular gear and sports a hidden pocket for a knife!

Its gone from Battle Belt to packs to finally finding a semi permanent home on my HGSI Chest Rig that I use for fishing. Until recently the pouch has seen service holding all the odds and ends for my fishing load out. Bobbers, stringers, sinkers, packs of hooks and the back section has held various knives of various configurations. The divided main pouch helped to keep my gear organized and right at hand. The elastic divider ensured that I had the right amount of room for whatever was in there. The knife pocket on the rear of the pouch is a great home for my fillet knife keeping it right at hand

But today I did something different…Today I found out that is a perfect fit for my Double Tap! Yes, I own a Double Tap and yesDSC_1739 I love it! The Double Mag pouch from CSM Gear and the Double Tap mate up like they were made for each other! Plus, seeing all the different platforms the pouch can go on there’s no reason not to have a sidearm with you! It also fit my P95 and held it to my rig with class and flare!! Who needs a net to land that big catch when your packing heat!! Now, I’m not advocating the disuse of a holster for your sidearm, I’m just pointing out what can be done with this particular pouch. Safety is a tops when it comes to firearms and a there is no replacement for a good and proper holster. They have a nifty one thatDSC_1559 looks user friendly and easy to use.

Its versatility doesn’t end there.

Like I said, I’ve been using the pouch as a part of my fishing kit. Its worked great at holding containers of hooks, weights and other various forms of tackle. The feature I really like is the knife pocket. No matter how much fishing swag I stuffed in it, there was always room for my filet knife!

This pouch rounds out a great rig and is really a God send for any mission or application you may be tasking it for. The construction is spot on and the quality it there with materials that have stood up to the elements and hook loop that keeps on going!

Click here for more information or to order yours!

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