Give Me Liberty or Give Me….

ammoAs far as I’m concerned when it comes to ammo there are only two varieties…Target practice and social work! Up until now I have been using JSP’s as my carry ammo. They fed well, shot well and exhibited some properties that make them a viable option for carry. That was until I found Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense ammo.

These are some crazy cool rounds! Each bullet sports a nickel plated copper hollow point sitting atop a +P load with one of the largest cavities I’ve ever seen in a bullet!

So why the change? Well if the above description isn’t enough then consider this…With the Civil Defense rounds being lead free it cuts down on the carry weight of the weapon and spare mags. This also equates to less adjusting and pulling up of your pants because there’s not a ton of lead pulling your pants down!

Now performance wise…I loaded up and went to the range…OH MY GOD!  One pull of the trigger and my p95 leapt to life like a miniature artillery piece!! I perceived a noticeable increase in felt recoil and audible report. It was as if I had unleashed the power of the gods’ and turned my pistol into a hand cannon! The action cycled crisply and the rounds fed smoothly with no issues or problems.

Looking at the size of the expansion cavity and knowing how hot these rounds leave the barrel, I have no doubts to the terminal performance of this ammunition. I would expect nothing less than maximum penetration with maximum expansion up to and including fragmentation of the bullet! If your looking for the best possible odds of incapacitation, this is the round for you.

High power, maximum expansion and clean burning, the Civil Defense loads are  my choice for everyday carry. They have lightened my load making my carry experience more enjoyable. I trust my life and those of my loved ones to these rounds and wont leave home without them.

For more information on other calibers and to order yours, click here

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