Have your cake and eat it too!!!


logoWhats black and green and feels like it would be at home on an M4 in the hot zone? Why Laser Lyte’s newest addition to its already impressive product line. Never one to rest on their laurels, Laser Lyte has taken their original Center Mass laser and did the unthinkable…they made it better! Its now known as the Center Mass DL!!

If you’ve been around black guns for any amount of time you have become a custom to seeing various iteration’s of sighting lasers mounted on theDSC_2117 fore ends in various configurations. Some good, some bad and most just mediocre.  What they are all lacking are options…Options are every where and on almost everything. Just walk into a McDonalds and you’ll see what I mean! But not when it comes to lasers. The only options available have been black or tan casing with a red or green light, until now.

The Center Mass laser was not only a great idea on paper but in the real world too. The projected rings show where your buck shot is going to hit and the expected spread when used with a shotgun and the rings also help in the tracking of moving targets on both rifle and shotgun platforms. It worked well and was a really cool idea and I liked it. But….


Sometimes you feel like a nut….

DSC_2120There’s always room for improvement and the gang at Laser Lyte hit this one out of the park with one littleDSC_2201 adaptation. The ring is great for targeting but sometimes a dot would be better. Kinda like that old candy bar ad…sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t!! To address this issue and make one of the most versatile lasers on the market the Center Mass DL went outside the box with an external ring diffuser lens on a though rubber strap allowing you to project the “Ring of Death” or just one bright green dot! Why yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!!! When not in use the lens assembly resides on the post seen at left and is easy to move to and from the beam aperture. Nice job guys!!  

The unit operates very easy. Hold the switch down and the laser shoots out till you take off the pressure, two presses in quick order and the laser stays on. How easy is that? Did I mention it uses a remote tape switch too?

Zeroing is a piece of cake with the windage and elevation screws adequately protected, yet easy to get to. Little turn here and a little turn there and your good to go. Round DSC_2200after round the laser kept me on target and provided excellent feedback as to where my shots were going to impact every time.

The little unit is rugged and the glass filled nylon case has a beautiful fit and finish and really emphasizes the less is more concept in design. The whole thing took as much abuse as I could dish and kept coming back for more. The recoil from my SKS had no effect on it and the laser maintained its zero. The same could be said for the shotgun.

If you’re a CQB professional looking for an adaptable system to go between platforms or just the average Joe looking to defend his home, you wouldn’t go wrong with this laser. Its rugged, reliable and easy to use and certainly makes a great addition to my home defense rifle.

As with all Laser Lyte products this one is American made! To get yours or for more information, click here!


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