Snug as a Bug!

Here I sit, outside in below zero temps writing this article. Am I crazy? Well, that depends on who you ask, but I can tell you that I’m warm and comfortable thanks to my new heated jacket! You read that right, a heated jacket!!


The parka,  made by My Core Control, utilizes a breakthrough idea in warming technology. Instead of wires running throughout the garment and sucking huge amounts of power, the jacket has two heating elements strategically placed over the wrists. Why there? Well that’s where your blood vessels are closest to the surface of your skin. This allows the elements to warm your blood which is then pumped throughout your body by your heart warming not just your core, both but your extremities too! 

This thing really works! It has three settings…high…medium….low…and is very effective at keeping the wearer warm. How do I know? Well we just came out of a cold snap here in SE Michigan and this coat kept me nice and cozy! Taking the kiddos sledding was a breeze. The jacket stayed warm for the hours we were out there. This would work great on the ice for fishing, in a tree stand for hunting and on a snow machine or atv running trails. Of course, my thoughts drifted to survival…..In my opinion this jacket is a must have for anyone doing outdoor low temp jobs or adventures. Quite literally, this jacket could save your life!


On the everyday side of it, taking and getting the kids to and from school was a pleasant experience even down to 23degF and I expect it could go lower. Wearing only jeans and a t-shirt, the electronics worked as promised and kept me warm and toasty.


I love being outdoors year round and this coat really makes it possible. Our windchills were in the negative double digits and this parka didn’t yield. The soft and quiet shell kept the wind at bay while the more than adequate fleece lining and insulation thightly held onto the heat from my body and that generated by the warmers. The construction and attention to detail is spot on though chest pockets would be nice. But their absence is predicated by the need for battery placement and the user interface. Which leads into how the jacket operates….

The wearer is presented with a ingenuous single button control….one push for high, another for medium and a third for low…all indicated by a steady, blinking or slow blinking LED. To turn the system off all that is needed is to press and hold the button till it blinks and dims. It’s that easy!! Good job on that one guys!!!

Charging is a snap, unzip the right front zipper… Pull out the plug….plug it in! That’s it. The power button blinks green until a full charged state is reached and then it’s solid. The whole process takes about 6 hrs to reach full charge.

I really like this jacket and suggest you run out and get yours!

Click here for more information information….

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