Poseidon had his Trident and I have mine!


Right away I knew the Trident by SOG was going to be a winner. I opened the package with all the care and reverence of a child on Christmas Day! The plastic packaging fell to the floor. I’m sure it made a sound but didn’t hear it. I was transfixed on the beautiful combination of premium steel and polymer now nestled in my hand.


It was truly nestled. The shape of the handle, the feel of the textured grips, all a good match to me and how I hold knife. I released the safety and gently nudged the thumb stud….POW! The blade leapt from the handle exposing itself to the world in all its shimmery stainless steel glory!

This is one sharp knife! No pun intended…it has a hefty pocket clip situated next to, but not blocking the line cutting notch. The clip is solid with little to no play and keep the Trident firmly seated in your pocket.


The line cutter is a nice touch. I’ve used it a lot while fishing. Not having to open the knife to trim a bit of monofilament is really convenient.

The blade is rugged and razor sharp right out of the box and it’s held its edge nicely. I’ve been using it as my EDC for several months now and only once or twice have I had to touch up the edge.


The nonslip grip is comfortable and secure even when wet not to mention stylish! This knife was a design well thought out and executed. The extended grooving of the backstrap provides excellent control of the blade when doing fine work such as fileting fish!! That’s where I learned to appreciate the nonslip features!!

The fit and finish is spot on and everything I’ve come to expect from SOG. The quality and craftsmanship that went into the Trident guarantee many years of solid use.

This knife is an excellent choice for EDC and will not let you down!

Click here for more information and to get yours!

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