Go-n-Heavy with Ruger and CRKT…..


Here it is, July and already the camping season is in full swing. In fact, I’m writing this review from the road! I’m camping at my home away from home, Rustic Rafters. It’s an awesome private campground nestled way off the beaten path in Northern Michigan, AKA – God’s Country! Beautiful showers, water and electric hookups and more atv trails than you can shake a stick at. In fact, you can’t twirl a dead cat around here without smacking someone on a quad or side by side!

Now I have a plethora of gear that I somehow manage to squeeze into my pack…Flashlight, xtra boots, tent, clothes, food, backup flashlight….you get the idea…but the one thing I have found that I can’t camp or live without is a solid folding knife. Notice how I said folding and not pocket? You’ll understand why in a second…

It seems that Ruger and CRKT have joined forces and collaborated on a series of knives! I know, right?! Now, you would think that a pair of heavy hitters coming together on a project such as this would result in some fantastic knives…Well your right, it sure does!

Allow me to introduce the Go-n-Heavy! Sporting all the function and quality that CRKT is known for and the cutting edge designs of Ruger, the Go-n-Heavy is one awesome a knife!

The Basics…

clip_image004The construction is more than solid and when holding the knife it has the feel of a good quality tool. The handle is made of anodized aluminum and is milled & drilled to allow water and debris to pass right through while providing a secure grip under a variety of conditions.

Pressing the thumb stud through it’s arc of motion deploys a five inch stone washed drop point blade with the ever coveted Veff Serrations.(Yes, you read that right! Five inch blade!!) The lockup is tight with the liner lock engaging at the end of the blade’s travel and once out and locked, the blade and handle feel as one. Just one more thing on opening the Go-n-Heavy… it’s SMOOTH BABY! It’s so smooth it opens with a whisper!clip_image006

I love the fact that its so big that pocket carry is impractical! So much so, that Ruger has included a fantastic belt case for it that can be worn vertically or horizontally. Made from cordura, padded and secured with a hook loop flap, it really makes for a nice package.

The fit and finish is nothing short of impressive and really shows quality and attention to detail. Styling is unique and is rather progressive for a folding knife. I like the lines and finish of the blade. It has an aggressive look to it that screams “Let’s go cut something! “

That’s great, but how’s it work?

IT SLICES!! IT DICES!! IT MAKES JULIENNE FRIES!! Well, not that last part but it is a crazy useful knife. When it comes to some jobs, don’t be fooled, size does matter! From falling small trees to meal prep this knife does it all. You can use the Go-n-Heavy to drop saplings to make a fish trap and after catching fish in said trap this baby makes short work of cleaning them and prepping your other sides and ingredients.

Mmm! Fresh fish!! There’s nothing quite like a meal of fish that you’ve caught. The sense at accomplishment you feel is better than winning any game of candy crush or dice with buddies! Sorry, there I go, off topic!

Okay, so you’ve used your Go-n-Heavy in the bush, whipped up some open fire culinary delights and are completely enamored with the knife but lament the fact that it’s too large for EDC and when your weekend is over she’s going back in your pack till your next trip… Well lucky for you it comes in a more pocket friendly size!

It’s little brother, the Go-n-Heavy Compact looks and opens identical to the larger version but is scaled down to fit your pocket with a three and a half inch drop point blade in the same stone washed finish with Veff Serrations!

Don’t let it’s size fool you, the Compact is just as rugged as the big guy. The no slip grip keeps the knife in your hand while giving you precise control for fine work such as making fish hooks, snare and deadfall trap components and removing slivers!


As with the full size, the majority of jobs tackled were a breeze and the not so little – little knife took all that was thrown at it and functioned flawlessly! In fact, it has been my EDC pocket knife for several weeks now and I couldn’t imagine exploring the urban wilderness without it! It opens quick, is sharp and very capable of any task or challenge you may face!Click here for more information or to get yours!

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