Fish’em if Ya Got’em!

Summer has finally begun and to me and my family, that means fishing! With the weather being as nice as it was Saturday I packed up the kids, a lunch, rods and trusty old truck tent and headed out. Our destination of choice is a DNR public access point 20min from home. 

We pull in and it quickly becomes apparent we weren’t the only ones looking to enjoy the lake today! Trucks with boat trailers as far as you could see filled the main parking lot and the spaces edging on the lake shore were dotted with various vehicles in multiple states of use, none of which really fit the bill for a day camp.

We pick our spot and I back the truck in. As soon as the engine was off my kids were outta the truck and unloading our gear! I’ve got two fantastic little helpers and quickly their nimble little hands went to work assembling the poles for the truck tent! As I unrolled and opened the tent into the truck bed, my son went around attaching the straps to the body. Once that was done we inserted the poles and up she went! The Backroadz tent from Napier Outdoors is a constant companion in my truck. It’s great for camping trips or quick shelter from the sun or rain! We use it a lot for day camping. In fact we have even used it last winter on one of the nicer days to take food down by the water to eat and play boardgames! 

Time for lunch!

My daughter grabbed our food, a blanket and climbs up into the tent. Tossing in and smoothing out the blanket, she sat down and helped me pass out the food. As lunch was winding down she produced a couple of card games and playing commenced. I’m not sure how but her brother and I kept losing, can’t prove it but I think she was cheating!!

We enjoyed the shade of the tent and the gentle lake breeze passing through it. The view out of our little shelter was amazing and we sat there quietly taking it in. I’m fortunate to have kids that enjoy the outdoors as much as I do, they are always up for adventure!

With our lunch over Noah grabbed his pole and turned toward the lake and Zoe decided she wanted to put her head down for a snooze. The nice thing about the access point is that you can park right at the waters edge so I was able to sit down and watch them both!

With her nap over, Zoe and I joined Noah on the rocks casting our lines. Well, they were casting their lines, I was untangling reels, removing seaweed and untwisting  crossed lines! Not to mention replacing tackle! I was support crew and totaly fine with my desginated role, as long as they were having fun, I was having fun! My chest rig was a God Send in that I wasnt constantly going back and forth to a tackle box and rooting through it looking for stuff! 

Another resident of the trucks backseat is my chest rig adorned with multiple pouches from various companies and filled with an assortment of tackle. It’s fantastic for fishing and keeping everything at hand when your working your way through bushes (or fences!) Trying to reach that secret spot where the big ones lurk! Organization is a must and the way I’ve got it kitted out works well for me.

Sadly, the fishing gods weren’t smiling on us and we didnt take anything home except for fun memories of a well spent afternoon!

As always, thanks for reading!

Here are links to the gear…

Tent: Napier Outdoors 

Chest rig: High Speed Gear

and Pouches: AgiliteBDS TacticalExplosive OPS Gear

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