This is One Sharp Pen!

What is the definition Every Day Carry (EDC)?

Well it varies from person to person but is generally accepted as a lifestyle whereby an individual carrys with them on their person, or in a bag/pouch of some sort, a kit comprised of tools and gadgets that they feel will help them overcome any adversity they might face in going about their daily business. Now, that may mean a flashlight, knife, pen, first aid kit and many times a firearm. Loadouts very from person to person but there are some basics that are just understood and go unspoken. A pen, flashlight and cutting instrument of some kind. Now add to that anything else you feel you might need and you could end up with pretty big kit! The key here is to balance need vs weight vs probablity. Its a vicious triangle that can drive even the most patient of Boy Scouts mad!….”BE PREPARED!”
So taking that into consideration I’m always crusing for new gear and ideas to help maximize my “preparedness capacity” while reducing bulk or weight and I made a fantastic find!

SOG has developed a new line of tools for the EDC crowd they call the Baton Series! It is a collection of tools designed to be descrete and go unnoticed until they are needed. From a pen/scissors combo all the way up to a full fledged multitool, these gadgets are an EDC’s dream! I got to hands on with the Q1 which is the pen/scissors combo and after two weeks of daily use and abuse, I’m really impressed with this little tool. 

The Q1 has a retractable pen in the front, a pair of razor sharp scissors in the middle and a blade screwdriver and bottle opener on the back end! Pushing the pen stud forward exposes the ball point stylus, locking it into place. Pressing the stud into the Q1 body retracts the pen and helps prevent you from writing on your shirt as you put it back into your pocket!  The pen writes smooth and ink is applied to the paper via a pressurized cartridge allowing for writing in just about any position. The cartridge is easy to replace and the pen tip twists and locks instead of threading on or off. The only drawback I found was that the spring under the cap is quite willing to bounce away to the unknown when your taking it apart!
The screwdriver on the back is a nice addition and handy to have. Not a pryer mind you, but still a solid tool for those quick tightening jobs or your trying to pop open a cold one after a long day at the grind.

Now for the main show! The scissors are concealed within the body of the Q1 and are deployed by pulling it appart and put away by pressing it together! How cool is that!! Don’t be put off by their size, these little buggers are sharp and strong. In testing they made fast work of paper products and were just as effective at cutting 6-7 weight leather! Would I want to use them to make a shirt from the tanned hide of the deer I caught in my snare while waiting to be rescued from the wild? No, but I could…Could I use them to cut a strip out of my leather belt to reattach my radiator hose and get back to civilization? Yes!

The body of the Batons are annodized metal with a fit and finish that is spot on. The seam where the two halves come together closes up flush with no uneven spots or angles that could snag. Overall the design has a nice feel and is easy to write with. The rounded edges sit comfortably in the hand even after prolonged use.

In my opinion the Q1 from SOG is a true Every Day Carry tool and a must have. It has three of the most often needed tools through out the day and is marvel of SOG’s innovation and engineering

Click here for more information or to order yours!

As always, thanks for reading!

And for our Finnish readers: “Kiitos lukemisesta!”

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