Don’t Lose Your Cool!….

I love relaxing in camp. The tent, fire and camp kitchen all make the perfect backdrop for a scene of relaxation and contemplation. Add a nice cold Cola and I’m good to go! Now, I’ve used all manner of things to keep my beverages frosty…ice, styrofoam, insulated cups…you name it and I’ve tried it and most of those methods were less than ideal. Styrofoam cups are flimsy not to mention bad on the environment, I can taste the plastic of the insulated cups and ice dilutes what your drinking…unless its water!

Then along came YETI!… 

You know the cups, stainless steel, modern design? Well to be honest, I tried a few of the copies and knock offs only to find they can’t hold a candle to the real deal! So after hitting pretty good at the casino, I decided it was time to upgrade my cup game and get a YETI. I chose the 30oz Rambler and I love this cup! It keeps my Coke so cold that its almost hard to swallow! I can fill it with water and ice and drink from it all day with only replacing the water! The cups do what the ad’s say and ice keeps over night! Litterally, how cool is that!!

It fits in my hand nicely and in my Agitlite pouch on my chest rig even better! I’m totally self contained!!

The stainless steel construction makes them a breeze to clean and the rugged plastic lid seals up tight everytime. I have no complaints about this cup at all.

Sleigh Bells?!What?!…

Now, people have said to me “Scott, why don’t you buy a cheaper one?” “Hey, I got mine for half of that!” and so on and so on…but here is why I bought a YETI, I have had the clones, i have had the similar styles but none of them performed. Sure, they would keep things cold for a while but not all day and into the next like my Rambler. I have high expectaions for my gear, when I do something I give it all I have and then some, I expect my equipment to perform the same if not better. Thats why I spent a few dollars more, expecting more and I wasnt dissapointed. About a week and a half into my ownership of this amazing vessel, it develped a ring. I don’t mean like a ring around the inside….I mean like an honest to goodness ring! Like a sleigh bell!! I was dissapointed as anyone would be, here is this marvel of beverage containment that now sounds like it was part of Santa’s kit! I lived with the ring for a bit until I noticed that it wasn’t keeping stuff cold like it did before. Seems like the weld had popped… I sent YETI and email and had a reply the next day. I sent pictures and a video as requested to show what was wrong with my cup.

This is Jackie,your Time Life Operator!”…

The reply came back to contact customer service…oh boy I though, here we go….because we all know what this is going to be like…or so I thought! I called and on the third ring a polite young woman answered the phone and introduced herself. I explained I was calling because I received an email instructing me to do so. Without a word I hear clicking in the background “Oh yes! were going to get a new cup out to today!” Wait, what?! Where’s the – “your warranty is only valid on the first tuesday after the second blue moon in an even year during a month that ends in ‘Y'” – argument? Then she goes on “and may I say, your cup has the loudest ring we have ever heard!” You’ve got to be kidding me! She continues to appologize for the cup, assured me I would have my new one in five days and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I asked if she could throw a truck decal in the box and she said that she was sure they could put together something! What a great company! I understand that when mass producing products things are gonna happen and stuffs gonna come out less than spec, it happens, but to stand by your product like that is what sets YETI appart from the rest!

A note to YETI, your great product and outstanding customer service has earned you a customer and raving fan for life!

Click here for more info or to order your own Rambler!

As always, thanks for reading!

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