A Cut Above…

The world of pocket and EDC knives is constantly evolving and changing. From blade designs and deployment methods to blade shapes and materials used, there are as many “different” knives as there are uses!

Leading the charge on the field of knife design is CRKT. Their spirit of innovation and embracing new ideas has brought many a creative yet functional knife to market.

The Main Show…

The DAKTLY is no exception to this! When the box from CRKT arrived I tore into it with excitement which quickly morphed into curiosity as I wondered how I was going to open this knife without loosing a finger or two!! With a bit of fiddling I figured out how to open it and a little after that I had mastered opening and closing it with one hand! 

Utilizing a very uniqe swing out mechanism, the DAKTLY leaps into service by depressing the safety / pivot release lever. Once done, this allows the blade to swing freely from its stored position inside the stainless steel “cage” that makes up the handle. Once released from confinment and with a press and push of the thumb the blade snaps into position! Now heres the thing…looking at this little knife and the way its designed one would not expect the type of blade lock up it deliveres! 

Central to the swing out mechanisim is an astethicaly placed ring. This ring provides great finger purchase as well as doubling as a beltloop clip and bottle opener when opened! This is where the safety comes in. Engaging the safety prevents the blade from accidentally opening when you clip it or put it in your pocket!

Lets talk about the blade…

Following on the less is more principle the blade has lightening cut outs and a very utilitarian profile that provides excellent control. Shipped razor sharp, it cut all materials put before it. Cardboard, leather, steak…more steak…mmm, steak! Ok, back to the knife! 

After dispatching several boxes that were just asking to be broken down and carving up a nice piece of beef, the DAKTYL had one more suprise up its sleve. Its a cinch to clean! Seldom when looking for a new knife have I ever looked at ease of cleaning but it is something that we all should pay attention to, especialy if like me, your using it as a camp knife! You don’t want any lingering bits of dirt, fish guts or blood hiding and just waiting to find there way into you either via food prep or cut! A good bout of food poisoning can cut short or at the very least ruin a perfectly good camping trip. Make it a survival situation and “You died from disentery!” (thank you Oregon Trail!)

Where this little knife really shined was fishing! Attached to my Agilite pouch, it was always on hand for trimming line and opening eyelets on jigg heads! With a click and a flick the blade was out and ready for duty. Now thats not to say that it remained on my fishing rig… It is equally at home on my waist, clipped to a belt loop! Clip it to your waist, pack or pouch…hang it around your neck with some paracord…it’s always handy and ready for any job you can throw at it!

I found the DAKTYL to be a useful knife of exquisite form. The fit and finish is spot on with an addictively smooth blade deployment and a precise, tight lockup. 

As always, thanks for reading!

For more information or to get yours, click here….

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