Gear Aid Revivex Durable Water Proofing!

Nothing can ruin a good day of bushcrafting and dampen spirits like a downpour! I don’t know about you but I don’t always carry rain gear when I head out, but I do always have a boonie with me! Their great at shedding rain and sun and are must have for any adventure . At some point though, they do soak through and Blam’O! You’ve got a wet head!!The weather around HQ has been exceptionally rainy as of late so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test Gear Aids Durable Water Proofing spray. Designed to refresh raingear, coats, hats and tents the Gear Aid DWR is a fantastic product. Following the instructions I headed outside, hat in hand with the expectation of creating a waterproof cover for my head.

Hanging my boonie on a weathered nail protruding from the arbor in the backyard and taking the “more is better” approach I sprayed the hat at the instructed distance and until it was rather saturated. Satisfied with my application I proceeded to the dryer. Again, following the instructions on the bottle, I set the dryer temp and timer and waited….

Time for the science!

Gear Aids DWR is a proprietary inert fluoropolymer that does not change, combine or degrade over time into something else…What that means is that the performance is consistent through out application on various items. How cool is that right?! It is hypoallergenic, colorless and made in the USA!

Once dry I inspected the hat to see if there was any discoloration or alteration of the ATACS FG print. I found none. The boonie looked the same as it did before application and I was excited to continue evaluating the spray.

Now for the real test, I took the hat for a spin in the sink….It worked!! The stream of water from the faucet was neatly deflected by the DWR and rolled of the brim like water off a ducks back! After showing off the performance to the crew here, answering questions and listening to the Ooo’s and Ahh’s I grabbed my hat and headed outdoors…It hasn’t rained since, but when it does, I’m ready!

I’m really impressed with the performance of this product. It took a hat that had no repellency in it what so ever and made it this awesome piece of kit. I can only imagine how it will work to renew your favorite raingear!

The applications don’t end there… You can apply it to packs, jackets, sleeping bags, tents….anything that needs to be water repellant even your existIts uses are endless and I cant wait to see what I use it on next!

Click the link below for more information and as always, thanks for reading!

Gear Aid Revivex

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