Slash Pro Hoodie!

Ok, this is some fantastic gear. Sitting at my desk writing this, I am wearing the latest in protective garment technology from SlashPRO, a slash proof/cut resistant hoodie! Based out of the UK SlashPRO has made a name for themselves in the protective garment industry with their cutting edge products and CEO that actually test the gear himself! From slash proof shirts to stab and bullet resistant vests, he dons his products and takes one for the team!!

So I get this hoodie, pull it out of the bag, put it on and to the horror of my family whip out my pocket knife and try to cut through the material! NOTHING HAPPENED! No matter how many times I slashed…left…right….up or down, not once did the blade touch skin! Serrations did produce a notable drag on the fabric but again no destruction of the fibers or rending of the material. It has an athletic cut so you may want to order one size larger to get a little more room.

The material is heavy and has an almost metallic look to it. The knit is tight and close and creates a feel that is hard to describe. It’s somewhere between thick and floppy and when you pick it up, just as your start to think “well that’s odd” you notice that it feels slippery! It breathes really well and is comfortable for all day wear. The hood is lined with the same material as the cuffs and bottom hem and once up provides total coverage for you neck and head. This hoodie has what it takes to be a life saving device.

The kangaroo pocket on the front is a accessable from both sides and is very spacious. Its a great place to stash your keys, phone and hands when they need warming! I was able to also stuff my holstered pocket pistol in there as well, keeping it handy yet descrete!

If you work in law enforcement or corrections, I would strongly recommend this hoodie. SlashPRO has many different clothing items that utilize this cutting edge material, from under shirts to full on combat wear you’ll be able to find a style that will fit your need.

Now, that’s all well and good and a great, if not boring, discussion of fit and performance….But how did it Really Feel? I’m so glad you asked! It felt great! I felt like an Medieval Knight in service to the Crown, unbeatable and ready to take on the world!

I have been using this hoodie for quite some time testing the fit, comfort, function and practical applications. I have come to the conclusion the no prep, especially urban, is complete without one of these garments…maybe not so much the boxers but definitely the shirts and hoodie. I’ve been wearing mine around town and no one is the wiser to its true purpose and function. It blends in and works fantastically in the Grey Man theme of gear that is becoming all the rage.

Click here to go to the SlashPRO Web site and see all the unique designs they have utilizing this revolutionary fabric!

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