Truck Campers Travel Journal!

I love camping. You can ask anyone, my friends…family…you name it and they will tell you how much I enjoy camping. Each time I pack up and head out, it’s a different experience…either because I forgot something crucial at home or camp gets raided by critters! Add to that I’m constantly trying to improve the experience and things can get a little jumbled and disorganized.
That’s where the Camping Journal comes in!

Made by Mike Young and costing only $12 there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one of these in your camper, tent bag or backpack! It catalogs and covers everything from fuel expenses to meal plans and even has a place for writing down favorite memories of the trip. So I get this thing in the mail and suddenly I have another reason to take the kids camping cause we have to test it out!

This time I didn’t forget a thing! I used the Camping Journal to plan our meals, build a shopping list and make sure nothing was left behind. It worked exactly as promised, now granted, your only going to get out of it what you put in to it, but the layout and design makes it simple to use and integrate into your routine.

The meal plan page covers BLD, ingredients used, cook method and a spot for prep work and cooking instructions. The next page holds info on your trip…the who, what, where of it all with details about the campground right down to cell service and local radio stations! At the end of each “Trip Section” there is a spot to record your activities and stand out memories. There’s even a blank page that I plan to use for pictures!

I have recorded two trips so far and started planning a third to see the fall colors up north. In the short time that I’ve used the Journal I have improved my organization, stepped up my cooking game and created a record of our travels! How cool is that, right?! I can look back at what worked and what didn’t, devise a new plan based on that data and record and compare the results. “But can you measure fun?” you ask….You bet I can! I’ve got two kids and trust me, they let me know if their not having a good time!!

But for me, and this is the best part of the whole thing, I’ve taken to using the Journal as a tool of perpetuity!

After each trip I make sure that I write a little letter about our trip in the space provided to my kids. My idea is to share with them the pride I feel as they develop their wilderness skills, the awe and wonder I feel when I experience things again through their eyes and just how plain happy I am that they are in my life. I hope years from now, when I’m gone, that my kids will reminisce about our trips into the woods, look at the pages and letters I have written to them and fondly remember the good times that we had and encourage them to do the same with their kids.

Isn’t that what its all about?

The Camping Journal is available at the link below. I highly recommend that you get one for your adventures!

Click here to get yours!

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