When is earpro more than just earpro? When it’s EARMOR by OPSMEN, that’s when! These things are pretty cool, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

Right out of the box I knew the M31 headhpones were going to be fantastic. The fit and finish is spot on and their stylish looks and low profile design really impressed me. Now, I’m used to using plugs or those big ugly, clunky headphones you use when operating a chainsaw or lawn mower…

As I liberated these sage green marvels of modern technology from their cardboard prision, they oozed sexy, tacticool appeal! I popped in some batteries and put them on, again expecting clunky, I was surprised at how comfortable they were! the headband has a generous amout of padding to lessen bumps and knocks and the ear seals are pure heaven! It feels like they are made of clouds with a side of squishy! The cups sealed around my glasses without a problem and silenced everything.

Pressing the sealed buttons I fired up the electronics and right away, the world returned to my ears. The raised icons on the rubber armor let you know what buttons you are pushing and internal tones let you know when you raise/lower the volume or turn the unit off. Pressing the “up” button as high as it would go cranked surrounding sounds to “11” and realy upped my situational awareness. The sound passing through the circuits was clean and free of distortion. People’s voices sounded like they normaly did and it was easy to pinpoint the location of a noise. The enhancement was so good, I could hear my dad whispering across the room!

So I load up my guns and head to the range to put this new earpro to the test! Peter’s is the neighborhood range with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. In addition to gun sales and the range they have class offerings and are always quick with advice!

I arrived at Peter’s Indoor Range, put on the headphones and went through the double doors that separated the show room from the lanes. As I opened the inner door my senses were greeted by the smell of burnt powder, hot brass and the concussion of guns being fired…but no sharp, painful noise!

I could hear the start of the “pop” and the echo from the report, no big boom! I could feel it just not hear it! I normally use the little foamy plugs but no more. The OPSMEN EARMOR blow them away! When the firing linexpensive quieted down the electronics kicked back on and I could hear all the goings on around me… loading of mags, racking of slides and then a “BO…” The circuits detected the gunshot and when the sound exceeded the factory settings 82dB they cut out and let the headphones do their job!

I can honestly say that this was the first time I’ve been shooting and my ears feel comfortable and protected. It didn’t matter if I was shooting or one of the other lanes was sending lead, the M31 did exactly what it was supposed to do. Oh, did I mention they have an audio input jack on them? That’s right, you can listen to your tunes while ringing steel and they sound great!

For more information click the links below and as always, thanks for reading!


OPSMEN Facebook page

Peter’s Indoor Range

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