Dango T01

Ok guys, lets be honest here for a second… We all have wallets and we all hate them! They’re bulky, lack organization in spite of the flaps, pouches and flimsy card “organizers” and slowly rot away in our pockets resulting in unrecognizable park passes and a noticeable funk that permeates our pockets and imbeds itself in our cash! Not to mention that we carry WAY to much stuff in our billfolds! This is not a new problem. Legend has it that Caesar’s wallet was over stuffed, old and tattered and if he had carried it in the front pocket of his toga it could have saved his life!

So what can we do?

Lucky for us Dango Products has a solution in its series of wallets! Taking the concept of the wallet and turning it on its head, they have made a unique product that not only serves to streamline and prioritize what we carry but its revolutionizing how we carry it!!

Blending Aluminum, silicone and top grain leather, Dango has managed to create an amazing wallet!

Excitedly I open the box… WOW! The presentation was exquisite and conveyed the feeling that I was now the owner of something truly special. The contrast of rustic, brown leather framed by gleaming metal held together by a proportional black band almost took my breath away! The wallet has some heft that lets you know its there and on duty. This is a wallet that not only helps you live your day to day life, but one that might possibly save it!

Dango calls this thing the T01 Tactical Wallet….I call it nothing short of amazing! Constructed from aluminum, the wallet body is solid with a bottle opener on one end, lanyard loop on the other and several spots that could be utilized as an improvised hammer! On the back side of the wallet is an aluminum plate that covers and protects what really sets the Dango apart from the rest…

An awesome multi-tool! Made of high carbon, stainless steel, the multi-tool deploys rapidly from the wallet and is ready for action with a straight and serrated edge knife, nail puller, paracord lock, ruler, phone stand (yes, phone stand!), hex wrenches…the list goes on! This tool is more than enough to get you out of trouble or way deep in it!! You can use the tool by itself or locked into one of two stages in the wallet frame if you need more of a grip for what your doing.

The T01 comes with a paracord fob that helps get it out of your pocket and can be undone to access the cordage if needed. The same can be said for the lanyard accessory. Dango makes the “Tether” which connects like a lanyard to the wallet and a belt loop ensuring that your stuff is secure and wont get lost! I love the lanyard! Following the paracord up from the wallet you come upon an rugged, over built clip that more than locks your wallet to your trousers! I would expect my pant loop to rip way before the clip will give way!

While we’re on the topic of accessories, I would be remiss if it didn’t mention the “Capsule” this is a neat little thingy that you can attach to your T01 or keys or really anything else for that matter. It’s a great little container for many purposes. If you have meds you need to take on a regular basis, you could put I.C.E. information in it and even a small fire starter kit. Or you could do like I did and make it a small fishing kit! Its big enough inside for a small cork bobber, a hook, some line and a sinker! I use the body of the “Capsule” wind the line around when fishing with it!

All in all, I think Dango Products is onto something with its wallet lineup. So if your in the market for a new billfold that does more than sit in your pocket, check out the T01. You wont be disappointed!

Click here for more info and to order!

And be sure to use the coupon code!

Offer – 10% off

Code: EDTactical

Valid: 10/9 – 11/10/1

As always, thanks for reading!

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