Algonac State Park

A short drive north of HQ is a true gem of a park, Algonac State Park. Situated on the west bank of St. Clair River, the park boasts two campgrounds (one of which is waterside), hiking trials, archery range, skeet shooting and a new covered pistol range! Did I mention fishing?

So dad and I were at loose ends ratteling about the motor pool trying to find something to do when the idea hit us…Alogonac!! We had gone the week prior and for some shooting & fishing and had a really good time. The drive is not too long and follows along the shoreline of Lake St.Clair, winds its way through several small communities and St.Johns Marsh ending in a splendid waterside drive on the banks of the St. Clair River. What a beautiful sight, marshland with tall grasses and cranes on one side and the open waters of the lake on the other. We are so lucky to live in Michigan! After arriving at the park we headded right to the ranges. Algonac has had an archery and shotgun range for quite some time. The folks that go there are generaly friendly and it has a nice atmosphere. I’ve seen everything from families to groups of friends shooting on the ranges.

The pistol range is new and much welcomed addition. It was built this summer, is covered with four lanes and the ability to accomodate all types of shooters. The benches are nice and spacious and your targets are hung at about 10 yards out. We loaded up and began blazing away! You have to bring your own targets and I suggest some extra clothespins to hang them! We did pretty good with our marksmanship skills but sadly I managed to kill a few clothes pins. The next time we go I plan to bring a bunch to leave!

I got to use my OPSMEN headset again and they are still going strong! The padding is holding up and are just as comfy as the day I took them out of the box!

With our need for the smell of burnt gunpowder saited we headed for the beach and fishing… what a great catch we had, enough for a fish dinner when we got home. Sadly though, we neglected to bring chairs and were less than comfortable by even the the most spartan of standards!

And that brings us to our return trip! Seeing that we had a blast the week prior we thought “Lets go again!” and this time we took chairs! Packing the truck, we opted to have a picnic instead of shooting and loaded up some dogs, buns, beans, rocket stove and the grill and hit the road.

The chairs were a welcome addition as was our rod holders and my cowboy hat! Just as we had settled in for a quiet day of fishing reclined in our chairs, hat brims pulled down low, the bells on our rods began to ring! Game on!

A mess of perch and one big bass later we opted to leave the beautiful beach with our now fish laiden stringer and head into the park for grilled dogs and fire beans! It was a peaceful day, the kind of day that recharges your soul and shows you what life is really about.

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As always, thanks for reading!

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