Scrub (n.) … “hard-working servant”, c.1709

As I have said before, there is something visceral and grounding about using a knife and I dont mean a butter knife spreading jam on your toast… I mean REALLY using a knife! Slicing up an apple in the field, making feather sticks to start a fire, cleaning a fish for dinner. Its those acts that connect us to our primative selves and strengthens our bond and brotherhood with Otzi the Iceman. Of course technology has changed since Otzi went into the Alps with his stone knife…bronze replaced stone and as time went on and metallurgy developed iron replaced bronze and steel replaced iron. Shapes changed and edges became sharper and harder then ever before but at the heart they are still the same tools they were a melenium ago…

Its in that vein, that sense of utility I see the Scrub from CRKT. Designed by Corey Brewer and made of SK5 Carbon steel, the Scrub has a corrosion restant finish and versatile Persian pesh-kabz shape. Razor sharp and ready for any task, the Scrub hides away in its polymer sheath that’s equally at home on your belt or around your neck.

With the Scrub the mounting options are endless and the polymer sheath quickly adapts itself to any mode of carry. I use it as a neck knife and as such it’s always at hand on the trail or in camp. If your climbing a neck knife may not be the best way to go for fear of it hanging up and quite possibly resulting in injury, but for hiking the trails it’s hard to beat.

The edge was sharp right out of the box and ready for work and I set to making feather sticks and cooking up some SPAM! After lunch was over it was time to see what else it could do…

The spline has nice and crisp 90° angles which are perfect for using a ferro rod or scrape against a piece of wood to make fluff to use as tinder.

The slender point is needle sharp and well suited to making holes in leather or canvas for sewing and cleaning the paint out of the eyelets on jiggead.

The handle is just right in size and the cord wrapped grip gives you a secure purchase allowing you to employ the blade with confidence

Now, I’m no expert but in a defensive role this little knife easily lends itself to thrusting and jabbing while the curved blade is ideal for hooking and slashing of two and four legged opponents alike. It has the potential to make the difference between life and death. It’s lines are graceful and dare I say elegant for a tactical knife!

Click below to learn more and order yours!

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