The Key to Self-defense…

Every now and then a product comes to light that I think is pretty nifty when it comes to personal protection and the Tactikey is just that kind of thing. Descrete and unassuming, this little gadget blends into your keychain leaving only you aware of its presence until needed.

So what is it?

Well the Tactikey is a little gadget that allows you to use your keys as an effective striking tool for self-defense! All you have to do is press your house key into the polymer body, attach it to your keychain, drop it in your pocket and your good to go.

The Tactikey is contoured so that it sits securely between your knuckles giving your punch a lot more bite! I have found it to be comfortable when deployed but a bit awkward punching and having my keys flopping about. But….and a big but here….in a self-defense situation that would be the furthest thing from my mind. All I would be thinking about is hitting my attacker to get some separation to either draw my sidearm or escape!

Think about it, when we walk to our cars or house we are typically at our most venerable. Seldom do we scan our surroundings for threats. Most of the time we realize we forgot something in the car because we were too busy thinking about dinner or laundry or our grocery lists. But beyond all that, what’s almost always in your hand in that situation ? Your keys! This is a fantastic product that makes a lot of sense.

Available in several colors, the Tactikey looks less like a weapon and more like a fancy keytag to the uninitiated.

Pocket carry is comfortable once you figure out how and having been accidentally jabbed a few times in the thigh with it I can attest to it’s ability to inflict pain and discomfort! Trust me, it will get someone’s full attention and encourage them to think about their actions!

I like the concept, execution and plain simplicity of this design. It has become a permanent addition to my keyring and EDC logout. Follow the link below to get yours!

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