Snug as a Bug!

Here I sit, outside in below zero temps writing this article. Am I crazy? Well, that depends on who you ask, but I can tell you that I’m warm and comfortable thanks to my new heated jacket! You read that right, a heated jacket!!


The parka,  made by My Core Control, utilizes a breakthrough idea in warming technology. Instead of wires running throughout the garment and sucking huge amounts of power, the jacket has two heating elements strategically placed over the wrists. Why there? Well that’s where your blood vessels are closest to the surface of your skin. This allows the elements to warm your blood which is then pumped throughout your body by your heart warming not just your core, both but your extremities too! 

This thing really works! It has three settings…high…medium….low…and is very effective at keeping the wearer warm. How do I know? Well we just came out of a cold snap here in SE Michigan and this coat kept me nice and cozy! Taking the kiddos sledding was a breeze. The jacket stayed warm for the hours we were out there. This would work great on the ice for fishing, in a tree stand for hunting and on a snow machine or atv running trails. Of course, my thoughts drifted to survival…..In my opinion this jacket is a must have for anyone doing outdoor low temp jobs or adventures. Quite literally, this jacket could save your life!


On the everyday side of it, taking and getting the kids to and from school was a pleasant experience even down to 23degF and I expect it could go lower. Wearing only jeans and a t-shirt, the electronics worked as promised and kept me warm and toasty.


I love being outdoors year round and this coat really makes it possible. Our windchills were in the negative double digits and this parka didn’t yield. The soft and quiet shell kept the wind at bay while the more than adequate fleece lining and insulation thightly held onto the heat from my body and that generated by the warmers. The construction and attention to detail is spot on though chest pockets would be nice. But their absence is predicated by the need for battery placement and the user interface. Which leads into how the jacket operates….

The wearer is presented with a ingenuous single button control….one push for high, another for medium and a third for low…all indicated by a steady, blinking or slow blinking LED. To turn the system off all that is needed is to press and hold the button till it blinks and dims. It’s that easy!! Good job on that one guys!!!

Charging is a snap, unzip the right front zipper… Pull out the plug….plug it in! That’s it. The power button blinks green until a full charged state is reached and then it’s solid. The whole process takes about 6 hrs to reach full charge.

I really like this jacket and suggest you run out and get yours!

Click here for more information information….

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Have your cake and eat it too!!!


logoWhats black and green and feels like it would be at home on an M4 in the hot zone? Why Laser Lyte’s newest addition to its already impressive product line. Never one to rest on their laurels, Laser Lyte has taken their original Center Mass laser and did the unthinkable…they made it better! Its now known as the Center Mass DL!!

If you’ve been around black guns for any amount of time you have become a custom to seeing various iteration’s of sighting lasers mounted on theDSC_2117 fore ends in various configurations. Some good, some bad and most just mediocre.  What they are all lacking are options…Options are every where and on almost everything. Just walk into a McDonalds and you’ll see what I mean! But not when it comes to lasers. The only options available have been black or tan casing with a red or green light, until now.

The Center Mass laser was not only a great idea on paper but in the real world too. The projected rings show where your buck shot is going to hit and the expected spread when used with a shotgun and the rings also help in the tracking of moving targets on both rifle and shotgun platforms. It worked well and was a really cool idea and I liked it. But….


Sometimes you feel like a nut….

DSC_2120There’s always room for improvement and the gang at Laser Lyte hit this one out of the park with one littleDSC_2201 adaptation. The ring is great for targeting but sometimes a dot would be better. Kinda like that old candy bar ad…sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t!! To address this issue and make one of the most versatile lasers on the market the Center Mass DL went outside the box with an external ring diffuser lens on a though rubber strap allowing you to project the “Ring of Death” or just one bright green dot! Why yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!!! When not in use the lens assembly resides on the post seen at left and is easy to move to and from the beam aperture. Nice job guys!!  

The unit operates very easy. Hold the switch down and the laser shoots out till you take off the pressure, two presses in quick order and the laser stays on. How easy is that? Did I mention it uses a remote tape switch too?

Zeroing is a piece of cake with the windage and elevation screws adequately protected, yet easy to get to. Little turn here and a little turn there and your good to go. Round DSC_2200after round the laser kept me on target and provided excellent feedback as to where my shots were going to impact every time.

The little unit is rugged and the glass filled nylon case has a beautiful fit and finish and really emphasizes the less is more concept in design. The whole thing took as much abuse as I could dish and kept coming back for more. The recoil from my SKS had no effect on it and the laser maintained its zero. The same could be said for the shotgun.

If you’re a CQB professional looking for an adaptable system to go between platforms or just the average Joe looking to defend his home, you wouldn’t go wrong with this laser. Its rugged, reliable and easy to use and certainly makes a great addition to my home defense rifle.

As with all Laser Lyte products this one is American made! To get yours or for more information, click here!


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Give Me Liberty or Give Me….

ammoAs far as I’m concerned when it comes to ammo there are only two varieties…Target practice and social work! Up until now I have been using JSP’s as my carry ammo. They fed well, shot well and exhibited some properties that make them a viable option for carry. That was until I found Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense ammo.

These are some crazy cool rounds! Each bullet sports a nickel plated copper hollow point sitting atop a +P load with one of the largest cavities I’ve ever seen in a bullet!

So why the change? Well if the above description isn’t enough then consider this…With the Civil Defense rounds being lead free it cuts down on the carry weight of the weapon and spare mags. This also equates to less adjusting and pulling up of your pants because there’s not a ton of lead pulling your pants down!

Now performance wise…I loaded up and went to the range…OH MY GOD!  One pull of the trigger and my p95 leapt to life like a miniature artillery piece!! I perceived a noticeable increase in felt recoil and audible report. It was as if I had unleashed the power of the gods’ and turned my pistol into a hand cannon! The action cycled crisply and the rounds fed smoothly with no issues or problems.

Looking at the size of the expansion cavity and knowing how hot these rounds leave the barrel, I have no doubts to the terminal performance of this ammunition. I would expect nothing less than maximum penetration with maximum expansion up to and including fragmentation of the bullet! If your looking for the best possible odds of incapacitation, this is the round for you.

High power, maximum expansion and clean burning, the Civil Defense loads are  my choice for everyday carry. They have lightened my load making my carry experience more enjoyable. I trust my life and those of my loved ones to these rounds and wont leave home without them.

For more information on other calibers and to order yours, click here

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Do All And Then Some!!

csmMainTopAs I sit at our camp site in the Port Huron KOA I’m surrounded by the sights and sounds of campers enjoying the closing days of summer trying to draw out that last bit of sweet marrow from the bones of time. My son has picked up the hobby of “suction-cup archery” and my little girl is running around with her pink, light up miners hat on! Both getting the most from their new toys and having a blast.

Its human nature to try and get the most out of everything. Be it the way the Native AmericansDSC_1738 wasted nothing from a kill to convincing your wife that “why yes, my new tac boots will go great with these slacks for dinner with your mother tonight. In fact they might remind her of the boots she used to wear!”    So its in that sprit that I write this review….

I’ve had this pouch from CSM for quite some time. Its gone from pack to battle belt to now resting on my fishing chest rig. I first heard of CSM with the Pancake of Death and really have admired their designs, attention to detail and spirit of innovation. The pouch I have is their Double Mag pouch that fits your modular gear and sports a hidden pocket for a knife!

Its gone from Battle Belt to packs to finally finding a semi permanent home on my HGSI Chest Rig that I use for fishing. Until recently the pouch has seen service holding all the odds and ends for my fishing load out. Bobbers, stringers, sinkers, packs of hooks and the back section has held various knives of various configurations. The divided main pouch helped to keep my gear organized and right at hand. The elastic divider ensured that I had the right amount of room for whatever was in there. The knife pocket on the rear of the pouch is a great home for my fillet knife keeping it right at hand

But today I did something different…Today I found out that is a perfect fit for my Double Tap! Yes, I own a Double Tap and yesDSC_1739 I love it! The Double Mag pouch from CSM Gear and the Double Tap mate up like they were made for each other! Plus, seeing all the different platforms the pouch can go on there’s no reason not to have a sidearm with you! It also fit my P95 and held it to my rig with class and flare!! Who needs a net to land that big catch when your packing heat!! Now, I’m not advocating the disuse of a holster for your sidearm, I’m just pointing out what can be done with this particular pouch. Safety is a tops when it comes to firearms and a there is no replacement for a good and proper holster. They have a nifty one thatDSC_1559 looks user friendly and easy to use.

Its versatility doesn’t end there.

Like I said, I’ve been using the pouch as a part of my fishing kit. Its worked great at holding containers of hooks, weights and other various forms of tackle. The feature I really like is the knife pocket. No matter how much fishing swag I stuffed in it, there was always room for my filet knife!

This pouch rounds out a great rig and is really a God send for any mission or application you may be tasking it for. The construction is spot on and the quality it there with materials that have stood up to the elements and hook loop that keeps on going!

Click here for more information or to order yours!

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Well That Hit the Spot!

DSC_1665Much to the chagrin of my ex-wife, the rumors of my demise have been highly exaggerated! I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from the blog to regroup and get some much needed down time and perspective on life. In doing so I have learned much about myself and my new world, who my friends are and that the Friend of the Court is really no ones friend…they don’t even like each other!


With that said, I was also afforded the time to gear test….and boy, did I ever! So first up is a new product from LaserLyte, the SCV4. Now I know that there are a lot of  pistol lasers on the market but this one steals the show. Designed for ease of use, smooth drawing and reholstering and reduces printing for concealed carry

Now don’t let it diminutive size fool you. This is a full feature device with ambidextrous controls. Its user interface is simple. There are two buttons, push oneDSC_1669 and it turns on push again and it blinks, hold and it turns off…see? Simple…


DSC_1667Zeroing was just as easy. I used the enclosed allen wrench and brought the dot in line with my sights on a target at distance and presto! Done! I took the laser off, shook it vigorously and dropped it on the floor a few times! After reattaching and tightening it back onto my pistol I turned it on….Bingo Bango! the laser and the sights still lined up!! Now for Peter’s Indoor Gun Range!!!


Again, the Four Fellows of Tom Foolery  (myself, father, uncle and cousin) met up at the range for another dose of gunfire and chilli dogs. I had taken the laser off and tossed it into my range bag so a bit of digging was necessary before I could partake of the gratuitous gunfire erupting around me. Attaching the laser I once again verified the sight/light alignment and proceeded to lock and load! It kinda went like this….


DSC_0730Dot!….BANG!…Hole….Dot!….BANG!….Hole….Dot!….BANG!…Hole…You get the idea.


After several rounds I was beginning to feel like a deranged cat going ballistic (ha!) after a red laser dot!! I decided toDSC_0734 speed things up a bit and the accuracy and resiliency of this little unit was amazing! Even in rapid fire aiming was easy shot after shot. One thing I did notice was that after ten rounds there would only be 5 to 6 holes on paper, this meant that rounds were going through holes from previous shots! Now that’s the Bomb’digity!!

The laser withstood repeat recoil from my Liberty Ammunition +P loads with no perceivable drift from alignment. Those are some hot loads and I absolutely love their performance. The gun thundered, the action cycled and that little laser just kept on going!

As I mentioned above, with its diminutive size and smoothed out edges the SCV4 from LaseLyte makes a great choice for the concealed carry crowed or armed professional looking for just a little more in the shot placement department.


For more information or to order yours, click here……

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter with the Gerber Cortex…

logoGerber calls it the Cortex…I call it nothing short of awesome. Weighing in at a scant 2.12 oz. and no longer than 4“ it is the epitome of good things in small packages.

The construction is rock solid with one of the most serious non-slip surfaces I’ve ever seen. Wet, dry or full of dirt,this light isn’t going anywhere. The aggressive checkering bites into your grip making your hand and the light one. And that’s a good thing if you ever have need to employ its crenelated bezel! I tell ya’ the features just keep coming with this one… the Cortex sports a wickedly scalloped ring for striking that could really pack a punch, especially considering it’s diameter is just there right size to fill your hand and give your fist a little extra “umph!”

The beam is bright and blasts throughout the thick lens without any artifacts or dark spots. With a max output of 125 lumens and strobe, it’s more thanCortex-Compact-Flashlight_fulljpg necessary to disable an assailant or light up a room to take stock of your surroundings.

High, low and strobe are selected by cycling the heavy duty clicker switch in the tail cap. The switch is sealed against dust and water infiltration and provides a sharp click for user feedback letting you know it’s been pressed.

Now for the real gem in all this. The gang over at Gerber have come up with this technology called Omnivore. Personally when I hear the word omnivore I think of the likes of a T-Rex or a pack of wolves taking down their prey to the sounds of gnashing teeth and ripping flesh… then munching on some leaves and twigs to round it out, being  not picky about what their eating!! kinda’ creepy I know but apply those thoughts to powering a flashlight and you have Gerber’s new offering to the LEO, MIL and EDC crowd!

But what is Omnivore ?

DSC_0729Omnivore allows the torch to operate on either the proven and trusty A123 battery or the ubiquitous and much venerated AA! Now there are some tradeoffs in performance between the two and the overall length of the light changes depending on the battery used, but in my opinion it’s more than worth it to get such a flexible battlefield pickup!

Here in Michigan we’ve had one of the coldest winters on record, so banking on this I left the Cortex in my truck for several days in well below zero weather. The result? The Cortex suffered no ill effects to performance from the cold!

This little light is a performer. Running either battery option provides more than enough light for task work, navigation or looking for Legos under the couch! In fact I actually got to use it in a real world emergency. I was at a local fishing spot with a friend when we were approached by a woman looking for help. Her elderly husband had fallen into the rocks that line the shore and was unable to get up. I grab my bag and pull out my Cortex, my friendDSC_0734 grabbed her phone  and off we went! The Cortex lit up the rocks like daylight and soon enough we found him. There he was, on his back and wedged between two rocks and unable to wright himself. With a little leverage and a supportive arm, the man was back on his feet and heading home! If it wasn’t for the Cortex, I would have had a harder time finding him and that increased search time could have resulted in a worse outcome.

The Cortex has become part of my “Grayman” EDC load out. It’s diminutive size and disproportionate output makes it a slam dunk when you want to be prepared, yet blend in like everyone else.

Click here for more information or to order yours

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Happy Easter, Here’s Your Holster!

logoI love old western movies… The boots, the hats and of course the flashy vests. And fringe!! Oh dear God, the fringe!! Ha, not really! but the one thing that does come to mind though, are the holsters… You never see an the waist band holsters or shoulder rigs. Why is that? Because those were reserved for city slickers, that’s why!

So, what did the rough ‘n tough gunslingers of old’e use. Most, if not all, had a low riding leather setup that was more akin to today’s thigh rigs than anything else. They were functional holsters designed to be used while mounted or walking about townDSC_0647 at high noon. Your gun was kept within arms reach. Just grip and pull…no lifting your shirt or opening your coat. Your gun was right at your finger tips, quite literally!!

Now as time passed advances in materials and design resulted in the holster evolving from its romantic six shooter cradling past into the rugged tactical thigh holsters of today that hold the latest in semi auto pistols sporting lights, lasers and everything in between!

I’ve had the opportunity to use the Universal Dropleg Holster from TACPROGEAR and I like it. As with all of the quadthighdrawgear from TACPRO, the stitching is spot on and quality materials are used throughout. It’s fully adjustable for leg size and the amount of drop you want and accommodates a wide variety of handguns. It’s obvious the care and thought that went into the overall design of this rig and you are truly going to get your money’s worth!

Now, outside of military and law enforcement there’s not a big demand for thigh rigs…or so you think!

I’ve worn the rig while on my quad, in my boat fishing and it makes perfect sense to use when wearing heavy coats or LVB/chest rigs. When do I wear a chst rig you ask? Click hear to read about my HSG chest rig pulling fishing duty! The drop leg setup provided quick and easy access to my weapon yet kept it secured to my leg.  Not once was I afraid it was going to fall out our be lost in some way. The leg straps were as comfortable as they were secure and the entire thing moved with my body.

quadthighBut how was the draw? Smooth as butter! Once on and adjusted, my sidearm was directly in position with my hand resting at my side. The draw is literally grab and pull! You could spend hours tweaking the leg fit and drop length but don’t… Put it where it feels right and run with it!

This is one of my favorite all around carry setups. Its comfortable, practical and a really useful rig. Now, your not going to win any fashion contests with it and you should pick your audience wisely. Back woods ATV riding, farm work, hiking… sure… walking into your local Wallmart to pick up a gallon of milk? Probably not a really good idea!!


For more information and to order yours, click here!

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