Scott is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, camping and all things tactical. Above that, he is a personal defense advocate who believes in self preparedness. If something is featured in this blog it is because it is part of his EDC Kit (Every Day Carry) or used on a regular basis. All of his reviews are honest and simple with a dash of humor thrown in. You can trust that all experiences will be genuine.

The purpose of this blog is to provide product reviews for potential buyers and browsers with information to make an informed purchasing decision and have some fun at the same time. If you have a question on the reviewed products just ask!

10 Responses to About

  1. Caleb says:

    Hi there Scott,

    I am with a new ammo retailer called AmmoForSale.com. I wanted to see if you ever did product reviews and if you’d be interested in doing one for me?

    We just recently launched our re-designed site and we are really excited to spread the word about what we have in stock- our prices are pretty competitive. Basically I’d send you some free product in return for a brief review on your site.

    Here are some of the reviews top bloggers have done for AmmoForSale.com:
    Women of Caliber

    If you’re interested, please let me know calibers you can review and we can discuss the details.

    Thank you for your time,

  2. Hello Sir, I’m research & development for MAG Tactical Systems LLC. We are producing suppressors and ultralite uppers and lowers for the AR/M16 weapons platform. Can you do a review for our equipment? We hit the market with great prices with top tier materials. $450.00 all stainless steel direct thread on suppressor is just one example.
    Contact me when you can. Thank You.

    • Mr.Ashworth,

      I would love to test and write about your products! Could you give me a little history of your company and product line up? Are there any specific items you are looking to have reviewed?

      Thank you for contacting me and I look forward to working with you!
      Scott Bain

  3. Andy Wilson says:


    Thanks for what you are doing. You and those like you who leave honest reviews of decent products help out those of us with small businesses. I would love to share our story with you and get a solid review of our patented backlit magnetic wrist compass. You can find the general information at http://www.navelite.com.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  4. pogeypackrat says:

    Scott, I’ve been reading the blog for a while; I am in the armed forces but I still enjoy reading about tactical gear for use here in the states in EDC. You’ve got some great ideas for things I’ve never thought of. Anyway, I started doing some gear reviews myself recently and I’ve got my first line of morale patches in production now. Just trying to make a name in the blog community and say hi to the writers I’ve been reading; I’m at http://www.pogeypackrat.com

    • Glad you like the blog! I try to show how tactical equipment can be used in everyday life to make things a little easier. Stay tuned, we gave a great summer planned with our survival vehicle project and a bunch of great new product reviews!

  5. Gregory says:

    “Hi, my name is Gregory Field. I’m not good at crafting, but new to this business. You have been recommended as an expert on EDC.

    This is a tactical pen. I now have a dozen prototypes, one of them I want to send you for evaluation. Soon the presentation, and I would like to know information support.

    And the second question, maybe you are engaged in trade in such things, I am looking for dealers on very good conditions, I want to sell all over the world. What do you think?

    My profession is a paramedic, I work in an ambulance, I like to help people, but the soul lies in the area of ​​crafting, so to speak.”

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