Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun…

Or at least thats how it feels! For the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of using one of the most artfully crafted tactical pens I have ever seen.

When i hear the phrase “tactical pen” what in envision is a clunky black pen made from a chunk of some unknown metal that droops your shirt pocket. It’s unwieldy and frankly dull…

Not so with the Mo-Tactic EDC pen! New to the market and giving it a go on kickstarter, the Mo-Tac is changing all those negative stereotypes of EDC pens.

Mine is machined from a solid piece of brass with a beautiful patina. The patterning on the pen body itself provides positive control over the pen for writing or if necessary was a kuboton in a self defense scenario. It fills my hand nicely and I’m confident in its “other uses” besides writing!

The pocket clip, like the rest of the pen, is unique in design and turns a few heads. It prompted people to ask more than a few questions about the pen. It is reversible giving the Mo-Tactic a sharp pointy end. Would you have time to unscrew and flip it around if ambushed? No, but it would give you something to do just as your leaving work or a store and about to walk to your car.

The cap or muzzle break (I love it!) smoothly unscrews from the pens business end and attaches to the rear above the pocket clip. Writing is fluid and the weight of the pen comfortably from one letter to the next. It doesn’t feel awkward or unbalanced and provides an over all pleasurable writing experience, unless of course your paying bills….nothing can make that better!

I honestly enjoy using the Mo-Tactic pen and think it’s a great product. Available in three different metals, your sure to find one you’ll love!

Click the link below for more information on how to get one for yourself!


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UK Firm Supplies Slash Resistant Clothing To Protect Public Facing Professionals.

UK based PPSS Group has recently seen record sales for their SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing brand, offering tested, certified and reliable levels of cut resistance.

Poverty and social exclusion, religious and political extremism, drugs, social media as well as serious mental illnesses have all been blamed for the global rise of knife crime.
The news of individuals grabbing a kitchen knife and causing serious harm and injury to others has become a rather normal daily occurrence today.

Knives have recently also become the weapon of choice for many so called “lone-wolf” attackers due to the low planning required to conduct a knife attack whether against an individual or mass group.

Homeland security agencies, such as police, prison, border control, immigration and customs units, as well as private security companies from around the world have now turned to the firm to purchase garments protecting their officers from such weapon.
SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing is made from 100% Cut-Tex® PRO, a highly acclaimed, cut resistant fabric made in Great Britain. According to the manufacturer the fabric is comfortable to wear, skin friendly and Latex free.

The company’s CEO, Robert Kaiser said: “Slashing dangers are now relatively frequent for these workers and it is has become a realistic and daily occupational risk. The cutting of an artery or blood vessel can cause rapid blood loss, shock and even fatality, and it is our mission to protect professionals at risk, with a range of easy-to-wear, slash resistant clothing.”

“There are men and women out there who have made a professional choice in their lives to protect other human beings, facilities, venues, events and infrastructure from the bad guys”.

“We at PPSS Group genuinely believe those men and women have the moral and legal right to be equipped appropriately, and slash resistant clothing is appropriate and ultimately can save valuable lives”.

SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing can purchased directly through the company’s online shop: http://www.slash-pro.com

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A Mile in my Moccasins…

With a big winter storm bearing down on the central U.S. now seemes like a perfect time to write about my new(‘ish) boots.

Since last winter I had gone on a several coyote hunts in hope of harvesting a few yotes to make myself a pair of mukluks for deer season.

Worn by Indigenous People / Native Americans, mukluks have kept feet warm for a millennia and I wanted a pair for quite some time. As it turns out I’m apparently a better shopper than I am a coyote hunter because while browsing the net looking for mukluk inspiration I stumbled across an Indigenous owned and operated company in Canada that makes exactly what I was looking for.

Manitobah Mukluks designs and manufactures footwear in traditional patterns blended with modern materials and in my opinion have created the ultimate in cold weather boots.

I immediately contacted the company and ordered The Hunter…Cowhide uppers sewn to a custom designed vibram soul (theres a reason i spelled it that way…) with a faux fur lining and natural shearling foot bed. The customer support was amazing and my boots arrived in time for Deer Camp!

The unboxing was more presentation than it was anything else. The boot box and inner wrapping was beautiful. The imagery, color and symbolism blew me away and the added touch of the authenticity certificate and booklet just pushed the experience over the top. It was clear to me after learning about the company and what they do for the Indigenous Community and Families that you dont simply own a pair of these boots, you become part of something larger, something working to keep the old ways alive and strengthen a culture.

Manitoba Mukluks sponsors what they call the Story Boot Project where Elders share the ways of boot making with the younger generation keep the tradition alive as well as provide a market place for Native Artisans to present their crafts to a global audience.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

The moment I slipped the mukluks on I was in heaven! The fit was spot on and the softness and warmth was amazing. The construction is solid with an exceptional fit and finish and the soul (see, I did it again!) is everything I have come to expect from Vibram. The unique tread pattern provides good grip on a variety of surfaces while allowing your feet to feel everything thats beneath them giving you a level of awareness not found in regular snow boots.

Designed by Heather Endall, the soles tell the story of a Woodland People and their connection to the earth under the sky with its life giving rain, cleansing winds and a fire showing the People will always survive.

Hiking to the blind my feet were warm and comfortable as well as quiet. The snow was no match for these boots. In the blind again they were warm and cozy adding to the hunting experience.

They worked great and ending there I’d give them two thumbs up…but theres more.

How did they feel?

This past year has been one of reflection and change resulting in a decision to turn more to the Old Ways, exploring an obscure family rumor of Indigenous Heritage and an out of place name in the family tree.

Survivalists call some of what I’m doing Bushcraft, hipsters call it Rewilding, I call it a return to what’s real and visceral. And that my dear readers is how I found myself standing in the middle of the woods in a pair of mukluks determined to take an active role in the food chain.

My dad and I were out before sun up, following the winding snow covered two tracks as they lead us ever deeper into the forest toward our blind. Not a word was spoken between us as we carefully picked our way through the snow, eyes sharp to shapes, ears keen to the sound of movement and my mind focused on the endeavor at hand. Deep in that focus is when it hit me…when was the last time a pair of mukluks walked these woods in search of food? Who was this hunter? What was his story? Were we experiencing the same feelings? Hearing the same sounds? Quietly saying the same prayer? “please send me a deer to feed my family and keep my aim true…”

I could almost feel him next me on the other side of the wind and the cold, just beyond reach, showing me where to go and which tracks to follow…

The beautifully designed soles were leaving their pattern in the snow like a prayer, blessing the earth with every step I took and bringing me closer to my destination in time.

Two lives were going to end in this wood, the deer’s to feed my family and mine as just an observer to this thing called “life”. I was reborn that day as a hunter….as one who provides for his tribe.

As always, thanks for reading!

Click here to visit Manitobah Mukluks and pick up a pair for yourself!

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“Cleanliness is Next to Godliness!”

As my grandmother used to say “cleanliness is next to Godliness!” And nothing proves that out more than camping. I’m a stickler for making sure my kids constantly wash their hands and meal prep must be done in sanitary conditions.

The same must be said for cleanup. I don’t know how many times I died from dysentery on the Oregon Trail but I can tell you it was one time too many! Your chances of dying from dysentery today are greatly reduced compared to times long past due to OTC medications, water filtration and access to modern medical care. At it’s worse it would shorten your excursion and at the at the very least ruin the trip.

I go through great pains to make sure any chance of food or water contamination is kept at a minimum. Hand washing is number one, plates, utensils and prep surfaces are number two. Soap and hot water go a long way to killing germs and keeping us safe and it’s always a challenge in the wilderness but I have added a new weapon to my arsenal against illness…

Norwex cleaning cloths! These things are fantastic in the war against contamination. Their microfiber construction ensures that they pickup and trap schmutz & grime and the silver embedded in the cloth destroys germs and viruses. Their great for cleaning up your prep space and keeping it clean!

Plus, they actually self sanitize in about 24hrs. This by no means implys you don’t need to wash them. When combined with washing bacteria are kept to a minimum and you get a stink free dish cloth that won’t be spreading pestilence and disease with every wipe of a prep surface or plate! In addition to their dish cloths there are glass and body cloths to cover all your needs!

I’ve used mine all summer removing baked on grime and soot from my pots and pans with no appreciable signs of wear or damage and I never leave on an adventure without them!

A lot of survivalist talk about the obvious things, the fun things like how to start a fire with your teeth or hunting critters! They don’t want to discuss that it’s equally important to long term survival to keep your hands clean and your eating tools cleaner! That stuff is boring and not glamorous but remember, a raging case of food poisoning or echoli is not a rite of passage and it is just as deadly as that rattlesnake your trying to catch and eat!

As always, thanks for reading and keep those hands clean!

For more information click the links below…

My Norwex rep Michelle Odoerfer


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Win Free Ammo for a Year!

Wideners shooting supplies is running their first contest ever and are giving away free ammo for a year! Who doesn’t like free ammo right?! Click the link below and enter your email address for a chance to win!

Good luck!


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The Key to Self-defense…

Every now and then a product comes to light that I think is pretty nifty when it comes to personal protection and the Tactikey is just that kind of thing. Descrete and unassuming, this little gadget blends into your keychain leaving only you aware of its presence until needed.

So what is it?

Well the Tactikey is a little gadget that allows you to use your keys as an effective striking tool for self-defense! All you have to do is press your house key into the polymer body, attach it to your keychain, drop it in your pocket and your good to go.

The Tactikey is contoured so that it sits securely between your knuckles giving your punch a lot more bite! I have found it to be comfortable when deployed but a bit awkward punching and having my keys flopping about. But….and a big but here….in a self-defense situation that would be the furthest thing from my mind. All I would be thinking about is hitting my attacker to get some separation to either draw my sidearm or escape!

Think about it, when we walk to our cars or house we are typically at our most venerable. Seldom do we scan our surroundings for threats. Most of the time we realize we forgot something in the car because we were too busy thinking about dinner or laundry or our grocery lists. But beyond all that, what’s almost always in your hand in that situation ? Your keys! This is a fantastic product that makes a lot of sense.

Available in several colors, the Tactikey looks less like a weapon and more like a fancy keytag to the uninitiated.

Pocket carry is comfortable once you figure out how and having been accidentally jabbed a few times in the thigh with it I can attest to it’s ability to inflict pain and discomfort! Trust me, it will get someone’s full attention and encourage them to think about their actions!

I like the concept, execution and plain simplicity of this design. It has become a permanent addition to my keyring and EDC logout. Follow the link below to get yours!


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First Camping Trip of The Season…

The laughter and merriment of the campers around us has begun to taper off and is gradually being replaced by the increasingly persistent patter of rain on our tent. The once smokey air now heavy with the smell of rain fills my lungs with a feeling of cleansing and renewal.

The children are tucked into their sleeping bags on the upper level of our bi-level tent system and the soft glow of LEDs illuminate the inside enough to let zoe get in a few pages of her book before bedtime.

This my friends is what it’s all about…

I slept on the lower level in my new ground tent from Napier Outdoors that connects to the truck tent via a nylon sleeve.

There is more than enough room in the 8×8 addition and I was comfortable on my cot opposite the folding camp kitchen I setup inside of it. The Sportz Link, as they call it, really enabled us to up our camping game!

With the Link we have extra living space for playing games, watching movies or just relaxing and it really shines as a trip saver if it rains!

With the camp kitchen indoors, food prep was a breeze. I had room to get everything ready for the fire free from bugs and the sink made sure our dishes and hands were clean!

Keeping clean and germ free is very important while camping. Nothing ruins a trip faster than a run in with the “stomach flu”! The huge steaks we had for dinner were delicious and the kids ate every bite! I had no idea children could eat that much meat!

After cleanup it started to rain. We put on a couple movies and got cozy. The tent system kept us dry through the night with no leaks.

The morning found us well rested and hungry. The fair for today was to be hotcakes and sausage followed by some archery time and croissant wrapped hotdogs for lunch!

It was a fantastic trip with good food and fantastic company. As I said at the beginning, this is what it’s all about!

As always,

Thanks for reading!

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