BDS Tactical Medical Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack!?! You read that right. Fanny Pack…But, this isn’t strange cousin Stan’s fanny pack. Made with 1000 Cordura, MilSpec buckles and webbing, this thing really blows away the competition.

MFP11Being ever mindful of providing useful and feature specific reviews I try as much as possible to avoid the “Unboxing” because it has very little to do with the actual product. That is until now…I was home from work when the box showed up and was giddy as a school girl when I started to tear into it…After opening it and dramatically tossing the first layer of packing material over my shoulder I froze. What lay before me was something I had never before seen on any pouch, let alone a fanny pack.

My shock was so apparent my wife walked over and asked if I was ok…with slow and deliberate hands I reached into the box and much like Indiana Jones, lifted out this rare treasure. I looked at my wife and said “Honey, look at the size of these zippers!” She rolled her eyes, sighed and as she walked back into the kitchen, muttered “wierdo…”

These zippers are nothing short of amazing! According to Mike Gnoffo, Marketing Director of BDS, size 10 zippers are standard on all of their products! My gosh, talk about over kill! The fanny pack was begging to be repeatedly opened and closed and I was more than happy to oblige! The zippers are effortless! Many packs, pouches and things of the like have zippers that are proportional to the item they are on and we as consumers have always believed that’s the way its supposed to be. They are small, feel thick and jam all too frequently than we would prefer but, BDS Tactical has broken that status quo with their #10 zippers, fresh designs and attention to detail.

I have been using the pack for quite a while now and its become an important piece of MFP2my kit and fills a void in my bag inventory. We all know there are times when a go-bag is a bad option and a backpack wont work either, but we still want to have some essential gear quick at hand and don’t feel like stuffing our pockets. That is where the fanny pack comes in. I know, visions of some early ‘80’s guy roller skating in the park with his pink spandex shorts, upturned collar and neon fanny pack are running through your head, but wait…this is a man’s bag…no neon of spandex here! Its rugged construction and tuff looks means that it will fit right in on the flight line at an FOB in Afghanistan and all the way to a construction site in Detroit. This bag takes the great concept of a fanny pack and elevates it to the next level, imparting a sense of “Tuff Guy” along the way.

The internal organization was well thought out and there are plenty of stretch loops to hold gear in place. On the outward side internal divider, they are vertically orientated and on the body side they are flipped 90deg. to the horizontal. Nice!

The inside is subdivided into three distinct pockets and the main zippers go down far enough to more than adequately open the pack but with out dropping the contents on the floor.

MFPDetailThe zipper pocket on the outside is sizeable for keys and a wallet and has a hook-loop strip for patches. On the body side of the carrier the pack is sewn to is a zipper pocket that runs the full length of the carrier. Where the belt is attached at both ends are two rows of PALs webbing that make a great home for some Grimlocs or small pouches. The best feature though, is the fact that all BDS products come with a Lifetime Warranty!

If you don’t have one of these in gear locker you are really missing out!

All of their products are American Made in BDS’s 25,000sq.ft. sew shop by experiencedmadeinusa American Workers and being being veteran owned and staffed mostly by Marines gives them an advantage that others don’t have…the ability to quickly adapt to new ideas and strategies allowing them overcome challenges, something that the Corps is famous for!

BDS Tactical, good work and Semper Fi!

Click here to go to the packs product page…

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