Taking the Road Less Traveled


So you’ve got your bugout vehicle built, equipped and fueled up and your good to go for adventure! Or so you think….

In building the Urban/Wilderness Survival Truck I have found a lot of must have accessories and products for the project. Lights are a must, radios are a must and shelter is a really big must have…You could sleep in your rig but that will get old really fast and it’s a cramped space with little room for comfort or the amenities that turn “surviving” into “living”… I have accomplished something extraordinary with this build and kept to the original theme of a daily driver that will keep you safe, sound and will take you not only from “surviving” to “living”…but “living well!”…How is this possible?

IMAG1765With the Backroadz Pickup Tent from Napier Outdoors!! 

The Backroadz tent is like nothing you have ever seen before. Designed with a bathtub construction, water proof rainfly and large windows for ventilation, this tent will change the way you think about camping.

The tent is a breeze to set up and takes one person about 15min to get it all up and covered with the included rainfly. There are no tricks or tips…just follow the directions on pole insertion order and what to do when. The rainfly can be a bit of a stickler when it comes to a single person setup, but with a little practice you’ll be doing it like a pro in no time.

While were on the topic of the rainfly, my Dad and I took the Survival Truck to a local carIMAG1756 show to show off our build and chat it up! As luck would have it, it started to rain…and not a gentle misting either. The rainfly kept us and our gear dry. As the rain started we tossed our chairs and assorted gear into the truck cab and jumped into the tent with our packs. The wind started to blow shaking the tent but the fly stayed put and we stayed dry. In fact we stretched out watched dvds and munched on chips! As the rain subsided we poked our heads out like groundhogs in spring to find saturated ground and wet people! Unlike us, they had no shelter and what cover there was, was soon compromised by wet ground and soggy sneakers! We had none of those issues because we were up off the ground. The sun returned and so did our lawn chairs with an audible “thump” of us resuming our original positions.

IMAG1764The 5’6” interior gives you plenty of headspace and once enclosed, you will be surprised by the amount of room you have in the truck bed. The tent has a durable flooring material that extends up the the bed rails and the nylon outer comes down and over the sides thus preventing water from building between your bed and the tent floor. When paired with their Sportz air mattress, this setup is high  on comfort. In fact, I’m writing this review in it right now while overlooking the St. Clair River in Algonac State Park! The ventilation is tops with a built in roof vent that works in conjunction with the windows and door to make it nice and comfy inside. The sun was out in full force but it was nice and cool in the tent!

Over all, I’m really impressed with this product. The quality is there with taped seams on the rainfly and durable stitching on the tent. The poles go together real easy and stood up the the shenanigans of a 6 and 4 year old that just had to help set up the tent! They were tossed, stretched and used as swords but still remained in one piece and held up to the abuse well. With this, your adventures are no longer limited to the beaten path and being self-contained, you can go almost anywhere! I know with the rig I have built, we can go off grid and road for almost two weeks before needing a resupply!

This is one heck of a setup. I’m no stranger to camping and have spent many nights in bothIMAG1766 campers and tents and found this to be one of the best experiences yet! The close to nature feeling that comes with tent camping is combined with the security of using your vehicle to keep you off the ground, away from the critters & bugs and out of the water!! I love it! The ability to customize and kit out the inside is endless and will truly become a home away from home. This is freedom at its most pure and with models for trucks, sport-utes and hatchbacks  it is not something you should pass up.

For more information and to order yours click here….and be sure to use the coupon code “everydaytactical” to save and additional 35% off your order!

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2 Responses to Taking the Road Less Traveled

  1. Eli North says:

    Love that tent setup. May have to pick one of these up for campouts. I always thought something like that would be an effective overnighter. Had no idea that they actually made a truck-bed tent.


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